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If Pocket is working for you, don't do the update! I received an email from Pocket today advising me of an update for Pocket for Firefox, and without thinking twice about it, I did the update. Big mistake. What happens after the update is that you can no longer view and launch your saved items by clicking the Pocket icon. Instead, you have to go to a Pocket website. MUCH less convenient!

I fixed this by restoring my Firefox to the way it was before, and now I have the "old" Pocket again. A great relief--though I still wish they'd downsize that ugly button.

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I'm adding my voice to the other complaints that in FF30 the Pocket icon is too large. No need to show off, guys.

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Stay-Open Menu

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This WAS a great add-on, but it no longer works all the time. It's not working consistently in Firefox 29, and it wasn't working consistently in FF 28. Sometimes it works as desired for one or two tabs. But just as often, the bookmarks disappear as soon as the tab opens. I really like this add-on and hope it can be fixed.

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App Button Remove

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Doesn't work in Firefox 29.

Proxmate - browse the web with confidence!

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I'm in Mexico, and this doesn't work for me. I've disabled Adblock and followed the Hulu instructions; I've also allowed pop-ups. But when I click the Details button, I don't see the "Unblock this video" pop-up. Any further thoughts? Anybody?

UPDATE: Thanks to a prompt reply from the developer, ProxMate is working for me now! The Firefox link had taken me to version 1.2, which didn't work. But at the developer's suggestion, I ditched that and followed his link to version 1.3.1. Now ProxMate is working perfectly.

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