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This profile is entirely personal, and the one who owns this Mozilla profile is the current president of Jack Cohen DPM - Dr. Jack Cohen Podiatrist. He has recently joined Addons on Mozilla because he uses Firefox frequently.

Mr. Cohen (born Jack Cohen in New York in 1977) is a renowned podiatrist working in a small practice in New Jersey. His most recent big news is that he joined the Jersey City board of podiatrists.

As a kid, Jack always wanted to be a doctor, he loved medicine and loved medical books. To pursuit this kind of career, his father a famous businessman at the time has enrolled Jack in the famous New York College of Podiatric Medicine, where Cohen will learn everything there is to know on that subject. Several years will pass for Jack Cohen Podiatrist to make a name for himself, as he spend several years practicing podiatry in some small, private clinics.

In 2001 he will try his luck and open his own clinic - Jack Cohen Dpm, and he will treat thousands of patients per year. The location for the clinic will be in New Jersey, although Jack Cohen worked and lived in New York. He still resides in New York despite working in Jersey

This kind of success will not go unnoticed, as he will join the board of Podiatrists. mentioned earlier

Being an Mozilla Firefox from 2006, Jack Cohen hopes that this browser will become even more available on x64 platforms.

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Adblock Plus

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Still one of the best add-blockers in the universe of Mozilla Firefox. My browser is faster with this, page load is significantly better on some pages.
Jack Cohen Podiatrist website loads almost instantly

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This simply works as it was intended to work. Nice job!

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I love it! It is easy to handle and surprisingly fast

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