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Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar

The best autohide Bookmarks Toolbar add-on Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Roomy is still the best! Testing it on upgrade to Fx24esr. I've tried every other one I can find. Only Roomy lets me hide icons and use only text (while other toolbars are set to show only icons). Only Roomy lets me set the toolbar to show over the page, so everything doesn't jump when it appears. Roomy has the best options.

@derwoodbones- After installing I just had the same problem as you. I feared it was broken on Fx24. But I discovered that it only happens if I have the bookmarks toolbar set on hidden. When I changed it to show, then autohide works perfectly and I can see my bookmarks Yaaay!

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Out of the Box Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This is a really great tool. I was trying to download some images using another Firefox add-on, 'Context Menu Image Saver'.
But the web page was running a script that modified the 'context menu' so that it did not appear.
Your add-on worked very well to enable the other one!
I did not have to make any preference settings for this operation either. It worked just fine "out of the box"!

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History Submenus II

Just what I needed -TODAY! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Great. Just what I was looking for. I use my history all the time. I need it organized by day. Firefox Library gives Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, then by month. Very frustrating. This is a solution Also nice to be able to choose how I want to see the day and month formatted. Nice touch.
.I was initially disappointed to see that the actual Library History was not modified by this add-on, only the scrolldown menu from the history tab in the menu bar. But it is really good for quick access.
I did discover that I can put a date column in the Library history, so that I can scroll through 7days, month etc, and find items that way.
I would love it though, if you could make your add-on modify the actual Library history. Then I can see the entire URL and date when I need to, but have it all organized better, by your add-on!!! 5 stars for what it is + the feature request,
Thanx for all the hard work!!!
-By the way, I'm using it in FF 21 and it's working fine.

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Roomy Bookmarks Toolbar

saves a toolbar of space! Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

I love this add-on. It does just what I want it to do. Hides the bookmark bar until I mouse over it. Saves a toolbar of space!
RE: The 2 users who can't make auto-hide work - I believe that after installing 'Roomy...' I went into about:config and changed a preference there that moved the tab bar down beneath the URL bar (the way it used to be by default). Then auto-hide stopped working. So I reverted the preference to default, removed 'Roomy...' and then did it all over again, but changed the preference first, then installed 'Roomy...'
(I'm sorry to say that I may have done all these steps in the exact opposite order that I just described. If you want to test it, try to remember if and in what order you moved your tab bar down. It was one way or the other, and I fixed it so everything worked :)

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Extended Statusbar

Finally the data I really need Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I'm using this with Status-4-evar, Download Status, and Link Status Redux, all displaying in the add-ons bar. While it does crowd some of these out in 'classic style', it is working just great in 'new style'. Taken all together, I'm getting a great big info readout! This add-on completes it. Even though I've got other page diagnostics going, I still need this info. Thanx!!!

Can't vouch for accuracy on complex news sites, but on the sites I visit, it's looking pretty darn good :)

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Quick Translator

Very Fine Interface!!! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This is a wonderful tool. I am always running across multi-language web pages, and need a quick translation of a word or sentence. I love the 2 unique options, to have a button pop up next to the selected text, or to have the text translated immediately upon highlighting with no further motions whatsoever! A real handy tool that works just fine

AMPRICH - what do you mean by"i doesn't load any dictionaries, it's empty"I don't see anything about any dictionaries in the description, and it translates just fine. Do you have the wrong add-on in your post?

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Context Menu Image Saver

So Great Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

This is an excellent add-on that works perfectly. It is, in it's own way, as major as 'downthemall!' It has already saved me an incredible amount of time. A tool for doing single, one at a time image downloads, and sorting them on the fly. It fixes one of the things I've always felt was lacking in Firefox. That is that it is difficult to change the download location often, and reliably. Here is the solution.
I have just been reading some of the add-on developer tutorials and now I have an idea of just how much work must have gone into something like this.
I have 70 add-ons installed and this is one of the top 5 in importance and usefuless.
It is so great, that it makes the tedious job of saving image files 1 at a time feel like fun!

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Content Scrollbar

Happiness is a New Add-on :) Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Hi - Love this! I do a lot of reading of lengthy documents online. Very welcome aid. I will be using it often. Like everyone I have some ideas.Maybe the tab stack can be movable, from right to left, in order to avoid overlapping on nav towers.Also, I wonder if there can be links to 'definition terms' and even paragraphs.I have 2 other extensions by you, and I know you are a busy guy. So thanks for all your hard work!

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Vertical Toolbar

Playing Peek-A-Boo Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Love this ! With 'auto-hide' it really gives me a lot of space to store and access all my add-on buttons :) without crowding my screen or other toolbars !.
I wonder if it might be possible to add an option to increase and change the 'sensitivity'. That is the distance from the edge of the window that activates the appearance of the toolbar. On the right side it pops up too easily when I am trying to get the scroll button. On the left, it takes 2-3 passes over the skinny little edge to get it to appear. If I could set it for, say 10px, that would probably be perfect. I got this idea because the 'Sidebar Auto Show/Hide' add-on has this option.
Thanx for all your hard work.

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Vertical Bookmarks Toolbar

I want to HAVE my cake, and EAT IT too, PLEASE?! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Hi - I already have 'vertical toolbar' installed. I was hoping that I could install this one too and have VT on one side, and your VBT on the other. It did not work. My bookmarks toolbar was blank, and I only had one option item in your VBT - scroll :(
I guess these 2 toolbars conflict with each other. Or VBT is incompatible with FX20. I am on FX20. I am sure you are a busy person. But I would love to have both!!!

Link Properties Plus

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Really really valuable add-on. I need it and I've got it :) Works very wonderfully too...I just installed and wrote a very excited review for another add-on that may be an earlier version of this called 'Extended link properties +'. Not the same as in your link above. This one has same icon and same look as your present one, but only one tab in options panel. and the ominous word "(obsolete)" after title on add-ons page.
Also a different developer name. So I disabled that one when I found and installed yours. Since that one is said to be no longer in development, I extend all kudos and gratitude written there to you and this present and updated and currently maintained version.

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Propriétés étendues des liens (obsolète)

NOT OBSOLETE! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Thank god it still works on FX20. Just realized how bad I need something that tells me how big a file is before I start download. Found this with notice that it is no longer being developed. First time I've ever seen the "+ (obsolete)" notification for an add-on ever. Not. Works fine. I tested it on some links at
and it's fine. Sometimes I have to click on the 'get file size button' but then it shows me what I need to know!!! Hooray for the developer wherever he is...