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This add-on was solid, up until the last update. As far as I can tell, the only reason for the update is to add "sponsorship," something that cannot be permanently disabled by the user. In short, the developer performed a very nasty, underhanded trick to make a quick buck.
I sincerely wish that the developer would be more open with their users, explain their position, and change the current behavior of this add-on. For having an add-on that has been continuously featured, they should at least try the donations option provided by Mozilla, before doing something as underhanded as this. It seems odd that "C.J." is the new owner and has barely been active in the add-ons community. I am curious to know what happened to Devon J.
To other users wanting to address the developer with their concerns, try this forum page:

I hope that Mozilla can be made aware of the actions of this developer. Can we report this add-on for abuse or is this behavior acceptable by Mozilla policies?

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