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Pocket Is Great; FF Plugin Not So Much Noté 2 sur 5 étoiles

Pocket is a fantastic service that I use heavily. However, after using the Chrome plugin for a long time I find the Firefox plugin very disappointing. My biggest problem is that tagging is very cumbersome. I clip a lot of articles and tags are critical. In Chrome, when you clip an article you simultaneously get a drop-down that includes a tag field that offers suggested tags and also auto-fills tags as you type. (The IE plugin is very similar.) In Firefox, I have to clip the article, go over to the separate reading list icon, then click the edit button on the newly clipped article and then add tags. Not at all workable for clipping lots of articles daily. I hope there is a better way of implementing Pocket in Firefox. Unfortunately, this means I'll probably have to open a dedicated Chrome or IE session just for browsing and clipping articles.

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