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Gnome Integration

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Under Ubuntu 12.10 (gnome 3.6.2) this addon works pretty well (thanks for that, and to maintain it !), which is today in my opinion essential, even if it could be really improved with Gnome Shell. For instance, a icon notification in top bar (for instance, in user menu or any messaging menu) would be really appreciated.
Then, the accounts notifications settings don't work properly. In my case, modifications are not saved correctly (when I reopen the configuration menu, some modifications are forgotten) : impossible to remove notification concerning one of my identities and sometimes I don't received notifications about some accounts.
Moreover, if I can ask for something, I would be great if we could manage theses notifications more precisly : I'm thinking about the ability to choose notification for all folder and subfolder of each accounts.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.4.3).