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DSLR Notifier 2

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Awesome add-on that makes browsing the DSLR forums a lot simpler. My only suggestion would be to have an option that allows users to open links in a new tab. As of now you have to open a new tab manual and then use the add-on.

5* add-on and definitely worth using. :)

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Fast Dial

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Fast Dial seems to work pretty good for OSX, but I've experienced one problem. Mainly, you can't use the command key for shortcuts. For example, if you wanted to bring up a Fast Dial with command + 1, it will only take the '1' key and not do a combination of command + 1.

I hope this can be fixed as all OSX keyboard shortcuts are built around the command key.

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Google Reader Watcher

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Decent extension that needs an update.

On Firefox 3.6 the unread counter does not display. Even by enabling the "Always show counter" option, the unread count is never displayed.

As of now, the extension mainly functions as a shortcut to Google Reader in the status bar. Would be nice to see an update, especially since I see a donation link. You would think the add-on would be more supported when asking for donations, not going 3+ months without an update when problems have surfaced.

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