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Bug 566510 - Allow multiselect operations on tabs

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Thank you so much for creating this add-on! I hope the patch gets polished, tested well and integrated to have buttery smooth multi-tab handling natively in Firefox. Until then, this add-on serves my basic need of moving a set of tabs into a new window very nicely. I tried another add-on (Multiple Tab Handler) but it broke Firefox UI (the Close Tab button would disrespect my decision to not close the tab which I signal by moving my pointer away while still holding the mouse button down).


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Can't control add-on behavior at all! Always adds itself to toolbar on restart. Adds a "Save Link to Pocket" at the top of the right-click menu - no option to remove it. No option to remove the small icon from Address Bar. Can't access plugin Options unless I sign in to an account (really?).

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Tab Kit

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I waited for probably a month or more for you to update this amazing add-on, even though Firefox had been nudging me to update to the latest version from time to time. I avoided the update solely because the new Firefox did not support the old Tab Kit. Now I'm happily updating my Firefox, after having updated my Tab Kit =D

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URL Tooltip

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This is way better that Tooltip Plus and Smaller Tooltip. Exactly what I'm looking for, and you can even control wrapping and change the size of the text!

Just that the extra padding on top and bottom is a little weird, but still it's much closer in behaviour to the standard Windows tooltip than the other add-ons I tried.

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Smaller Tooltip

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I like Smaller Tooltip better than "Tooltip Plus" as it shows the tooltip in normal size and black. But I'd like to see options to include an icon. Another thing I'd like to see is that the Alt-text (first line) should be bold. Also, if the first line is empty, it should be removed from the tooltip, instead of being shown as an empty line. This would make the tooltip even smaller, as only one line is needed when there is no Alt-text.

Tooltip Plus

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It's nice, but I find the Windows version lacking because the text is too small and grey in colour, which makes it hard to read.

I like "Smaller Tooltip" better as it shows the tooltip in normal size and black. But I miss having the little icon, and having the Alt-text bold.

In "Smaller Tooltip" both the alt-text and the URL are of the same formatting, which I feel makes it ugly. But Tooltip Plus is also ugly because it has a box-in-a-box for some tooltips, and the tooltips are big with unnecessary padding.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (0.1.2).