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Memory Fox

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Firefox 27.0.1
MemoryFox 7.4

I have been using this for a while now and over the time i have used it i can now comment on how it is.


I was sick and tired of having to close my browser periodically and empty the cache etc because both Firefox and Flashplayer decided that they were going to hog all my memory, and even when i closed tabs and only had one video on youtube playing the Memory counter would creep way back up. Now, this still happens, both Firefox and Flashplayer still want all of your memory, but this little add'on steps in and slaps them around and takes it back for you.

You can set the delay for MemoryFox to kick into action and rescue your memory (Memory Recovery) from 0 Minutes and 1 minute to 3 minutes. When you look at your Task Manager click on the processes tab and watch what happens to Firefox and Flashplayer, MemoryFox will take back from both Working Memory and Private Memory!

So this little add'on get a five stars for how good it works, and also because i can move the icon onto the Menu Bar and have the entire lower part of the screen free to display web pages.

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Firefox 27.0.1

It works, it beats having to manually type in https:// on sites you want to be secure, my only gripe with this is that i cannot place the icon in the Menu Bar, so until then this add'on get 4 stars.
Is 4 stars unfair, yes perhaps, the add'on is worthy of those 5 stars for sure, but I like the whole lower part of the screen to be for web pages. Just being fussy i suppose.

Please if you can, make the icon for this placeable on the Menu Bar.

In any case, it is still worth going through your own bookmarks for sites you want https:// enabled on and bookmarking with the https:// this way when ever you click on your bookmarks they will load up secured instead of having to change it after it loads up. I know this will be a pain for those with a zillion bookmarks, but what i did was change things on the next time i visited a site so over time it was all completed and now you have less to do!

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