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Speed Dial

Awesome Add-on! Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Must have add-on for all of the websites you visit regularly, I love how I can make things look somewhat similar to what I had with Opera 12.16, especially things like the background image and the number of rows/size.
Biggest issue, not sure if this was fixed since the year or so I've used this add-on. is that you can close the speed dial with firegestures and if it was the last tab open, it'd close firefox. To fix this, I had to install Speed Dial [FVD] first, then delete it, this somehow fixes this issue and then install this Speed Dial, in order to prevent the last open page/dial to be closed and bringing firefox with it.

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Adblock Edge

Great! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Wish it was slightly easier to block certain ads, especially the kind that are in the "background" of websites instead of the foreground, can't exactly right click on those and select adblock edge. But other than that, works nicely and it doesn't have that awful "feature" that other adblocking add-on have, which allow ads on certain websites.

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All-in-One Sidebar

Must have add-on for ex Opera users Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

After Opera downgraded to Chronium in v.15, it lost many of the features that kept me from switching to another browser
Now, nearly a year later of using Firefox with this extension, I don't miss Opera one bit. If this extension didn't exist, I would probably still be using Opera 12.16, though.
The sidebar is excellent for anyone who want a quick access to their bookmarks, notes(scrapbook), extensions, downloads and more. It's missing a few features compared to the Opera Sidebar but nothing too important.
I see others complain about it when on FF29, but I personally see no issues on my side, even with FF29.

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Great, not perfect. Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Does what you'd expect from a note taking add-on.
Just wish it would copy/paste the text I'm highlighting into a new "note" instead of what seems to be a complete copy/screenshot of the html/css for that selected bit of text, but at least it works, was missing that feature after Opera downgraded to Chronium.

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Coming from Opera... Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

I love this add-on. I personally reconfigured it so that it does the exact same gestures that Opera had, works perfectly. I had initially went from Opera to Chrome, but their gesture extension doesn't work everywhere, so I tried firefox and loved this extensions since the moment I tried it. Can be a little glitchy when there's many tabs open and you try to close them quickly with gestures, it may sometimes not recognize the full gesture and instead do one in between (like Down Right for closing the tab will do Down only, for opening a new tab), but I can live with that as it happens rarely.

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YouTube Center

Great addon, but no public update. Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

They really need to update this extension, instead of just outputting to their github with the dev version.
That said, this version still somewhat works, even on Firefox 29, though it's mostly things like grid subscription and what not that are working, most of the rest either doesn't work correctly from youtube updates or from firefox update. (Can't give it more than 3 stars exactly because the version available to the public isn't working 100% anymore)

I personally compiled the latest build(Developer Version - Build #296) as a Firefox Extension from their github and it works great so far, no issue at all. I just wish the author would bother uploading the dev version here as well for the people who do not know how to use Apache Ant and what not. (And update their homepage, considering Userscript went the way of the Dodo)
Here's a link to the github if you want to compile it yourself:

To download the almost latest (295), go on the github website above, navigate to the Dist folder and download YouTubeCenter.xpi and firefox-update.rdf (click raw to get the downloadable version, right click in the page and "save page as...") , then manually install the extensions from a file (click on the Cog thing in Add-ons manager) and select YoutubeCenter.xpi .