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SearchWP Redémarrage nécessaire

Boutons de recherche rapide et surlignement pour la boîte de recherche.

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles (143)
12 903 utilisateurs

Scientific Calculator Redémarrage nécessaire

A full-featured scientific calculator which can be placed in any Firefox tool-bar or the Australis PanelUI.

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles (95)
1 825 utilisateurs

Nicer Media Pages Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

More pleasing look for Firefox media pages.

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles (2)
123 utilisateurs

Greasy Scripts

Helps you find user scripts for your favorite sites!

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1 083 utilisateurs

Mes critiques

Windows Favorites

Not a replacement for "Plain Old Favorites" yet (but could get there...) Noté 3 sur 5 étoiles

Just installed this extension because f*ing Mozilla decided to switch my browser to 64-bit with the supposedly minor update from 56.0 to 56.0.1 which broke the binary parts of Plain Old Favorites.

Windows Favorites works in principle, but there are still some issues to be solved until it becomes a proper replacement:
* There seems to be a bug as I have a link to but for whatever reason when I used it Windows Favorites always cut the "y"
* Vital options missing (e.g. Ctrl+click / middle click to open in new tab as well as respective options in the context menu)
* I didn't find the option to change a link initially ("Rename" is a bad term - it sounds as it renames the name of the link but does not change its target)
* Translations are missing (should be easy to use existing strings from Firefox or re-use translations from Plain Old Favorites)

QR Code

Noté 4 sur 5 étoiles

Great add-on!

I especially like that is as lightweight as possible (only 6 kB).

Two things that would make this add-on even better and would make it able to win the final star:
* An entry in the tools menu (I don't like add-ons cluttering my UI with their buttons but obviously this is the only option to access QR Code at this time)
* A possibility to enter arbitrary URLs (instead of just the current URL) and generate a QR code for that.

Context Search X

Simply the best! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Simply the best!

I'm using this add-on for a very long time now (switched to it when the original "Context Search" stopped working in early 2013 only to find that I had missed out on all the great additional features of "Context Search X" until then).

The two features I like most about "Context Search X" are
* (obviously) Being able to quickly search with all of my search engines from the context menu without having to switch around search engines - something Firefox never natively supported for some strange reason!
* Pinning of the menu to be able to perform multiple searches on-the-fly. This is a huge time saver!

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Close tabs to the left

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Tiny yet extremely useful extension!

While Firefox devs argue this wouldn't be useful and hide behind Chrome parity [!] as apparent from the relevant bug report ( everybody using this add-on certainly wouldn't want to miss this great feature!

Stay-Open Menu

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Perfect, just what I was looking for!

I wonder why Firefox does not support such a feature by default: Opening only some links in a menu (in contrast to one or all what Firefox currently offers) seems like a very common use case to me.

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ProxTube - Unblock YouTube

Does not work most of the time but doesn't get tired of bugging with adware Noté 1 sur 5 étoiles

This was a great add-on once.

Nowadays it does not work most of the time and (what is even worse) is bloated with Adware and constantly bugs the user with countless ads and "donation" requests.

Just uninstalled it for good...

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No Sleep Download

Great! Finally no more frustration due to interrupted downloads! Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Hi Tommy,

thanks for this great extension!

I was looking for such an extension for quite some time now and couldn't believe such a feature wasn't implemented into firefox natively.

Finally I can leave my notebook alone when downloading files without finding them interrupted by standby afterwards.

I hope this quickly get's adopted by other download plugins or firefox developers themselves.


P.S.: Tested with Firefox 11 an works fine!

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Scientific Calculator

Noté 5 sur 5 étoiles

Since I had the same Problem as LNDM i looked into the issue myself.

You can download an updated version of the addon here:

Besides solving the problem described by LNDM it also gives you the ability to freely choose the position of the icon.

Cette critique concerne une version précédente du module (4.9.3).