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TranslateWebpageAtGoogle Pas de redémarrage

Translate webpages into your own language at Google

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Select-and-Translate Google Worldwide

Translate words with Google by selecting them. Get a pop up translation. Can be set for user's own language by choosing the Google website for that country.

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846 utilisateurs

Select-and-Define Google Dictionary Worldwide

Select any word on a webpage and get Google Dictionary's definition in a panel. Can look up words in many languages.

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This addon allows you to look up any definitions for words in your own language.
Select a word in a webpage and right click mouse and choose DefineThisNow to view a pop up box with the Wiktionary definition. Wiktionary covers many languages.

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Some articles on the internet are frustratingly not always given a publishing date, so you don't know whether the information you are reading is fairly current or way out of date. Just right click on any webpage to get a panel with the results.

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