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ScrapBook Redémarrage nécessaire

Helps you to save Web pages and organize the collection.

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ScrapBook X Redémarrage nécessaire

Helps you save web pages and organize your collection. This addon is based on ScrapBook by Gomita and ScrapBook Plus by haselnuss.

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Wired-Marker Redémarrage nécessaire

Wired-Marker(http://www.wired-marker.org/en/) is a permanent (indelible) highlighter that you use on Web pages. The highlighter, which comes in various colors and styles, is a kind of electronic bookmark that serves as a guide when you revisit a Web ...

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Easy Copy Redémarrage nécessaire

Copy links to a page with one click, ready to paste anywhere else, eg. emails, blogs, forums and Twitter. Copy a single page, all open tabs or all links on a page.

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Google Scholar Citations for Zotero Redémarrage nécessaire

Zotero plugin for auto-fetching the number of citations from Google Scholar

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Zutilo Outil pour Zotero

Un outil qui ajoute certaines fonctionnalités à Zotero

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Cite This! Redémarrage nécessaire

Use this extension to generate MLA, AMA, and APA-style citations for the websites you visit. Please post comments and feature requests/bugs to https://github.com/jamiely/citethis. You'll have to add the Note icon manually to the top-right menu.

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DeeperWeb - Boost and Customize Google Search Redémarrage nécessaire

Easily navigate through Google search results using a fast, simple and useful Tag-Cloud technique. Use our Topic-Mapping-Technologies for quick access to answers, news, videos, blogs, Wikipedia and more. Install now and boost your search.

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Webpage Snapshot to Scrapbook Redémarrage nécessaire

Create snapshots of webpages and upload them to a digital scrapbook for collection and to share with friends. A new way to bookmark useful web information!
Crop the area of the webpage that you need, upload and then annotate the image and save.

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Scholar H-Index Calculator Redémarrage nécessaire

Point your browser to scholar.google.com and make a query: this addon will automatically display many citation indices (h, g, e etc.). Works with author names, journals, topics and keywords of any sort. Also includes an advanced analysis interface.

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DeepDyve Plugin

DeepDyve Plugin for FireFox

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Provides a toolbar button to open the current page on Sci-Hub, as well as context menu entries for opening links on Sci-Hub and search for selected text (e.g. DOIs, bibliography entries) on Sci-Hub. The latter also works from within the PDF-Viewer.

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Science Stack - Academic Search Engine

Academic Search Engine for research paper from Mendeley and PloS. Science Stack provides is useful for finding relevant material and building a bibliography. You have a full scientific library at the click of a button.

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Similar Sites Toolbar Redémarrage nécessaire

The Similar Sites add-on lets you discover new sites related to your current open web page, all based on user results.

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Similar Pages Redémarrage nécessaire

Surfez sur le web avec cette barre d’outils latérale, qui vous permettra de trouver jusqu’à 300 sites web similaires à celui auquel vous êtes connecté.
Accès immédiat à 200 millions de suggestions.
Dopez vos requêtes via Google avec Get more.

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EazyPaper Zotero integration

Integrates Zotero's database into EazyPaper, a Microsort Word addin that formats your entire AMA, APA, MLA, or Turabian / Chicago Manual of Style paper and references in seconds.

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Memonic Web Clipper Redémarrage nécessaire

Allows you to save relevant parts out of any website and share and discuss them with your friends and much, much more.

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QuickWiki Redémarrage nécessaire

Quick lookup in Wiktionary and Wikipedia, without the need to open a new tab.
Just right-click a word while shift / ctrl / alt is pressed.

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LyZ Redémarrage nécessaire

LyX integration plugin for Zotero. Manages BibTeX database and inserts citation to LyX documents.

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SweetSearch is A Search Engine for Students. It searches only trustworthy, credible Web sites, and avoids the clutter you find in other search engines. It is particularly useful for biographies, history, and other research assignments.

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