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Dark Background and Light Text

Makes every page (or only pages that you want) to have light text on dark background. Exact colors are customizable.

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Just Disable Stuff

Just disable JavaScript - toggle it on and off. No fancy toolbars, icons, windows, unnecessary functions. Just do it. You can also disable images. Just like that.

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Dark Mode (WebExtension)

A global dark theme for the web

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Simple Night Mode

An addon to invert the color of any webpage/website, making contents of any website readable and less stressful on your eyes if you are surfing internet in dark lit room. After installing addon, just right-click & select 'Night Mode On'

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NASA Night Launch Redémarrage nécessaire

Dark theme for Firefox. Inspired by the night launch of STS-116.

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FXChromeDark Redémarrage nécessaire

Dark Chrome like theme for Firefox

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Dark Purple Youtube Theme

Makes the layout of Youtube Dark Purple while retaining the original feel.

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Color Transform

Transform the colors of entire web pages or selected elements. Combine predefined themes with basic transforms. Save transforms for specific web domains.

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Owl - For comfortable reading

An add-on to make online reading easy.
This add-on makes reading comfortable by dimming the background and transforming the theme of the page into a darker one.

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Colorize entire web pages. Configure themes using sliders and drag-and-drop. Set domain preferences for automatic coloration.

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The Night Owl

Night mode for Firefox. If You're night owl, You'll love it. It's way easier to use it than to describe it. Part of Just Disable Stuff 1.2, extracted out into distinct plugin to keep JDS KISS-ish.

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Screen Color Temperature

An easy to use screen color temperature addon!

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Halloween Theme and Extension

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Halloween includes links to sites and videos. Theme even has flickering lanterns! Note: Bing will be set as the default search engines. You can always change later.

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