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mozCleaner Pas de redémarrage

Cleans your Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Fennec (unstable), Instantbird and BlueGriffon.

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A full featured retro theme for Firefox that looks like Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6+ "Classic" theme, Mozilla Suite M18+, and SeaMonkey 1.x "Classic" theme running on Windows.

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Fox Splitter (formerly Split Browser)

Partager la fenêtre du navigateur selon vos désirs.

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BugzillaJS - Tweaks for Bugzilla Pas de redémarrage

BugzillaJS adds a number of features to Mozilla's Bugzilla. Keyboard shortcuts, quick file box, inline image/github previews, relative timestamps, gravatars and more. (All features are optional; contains almost all features Bugzilla Tweaks has)

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Speak Words Pas de redémarrage

Fill in the rest of words as you type them into the location bar

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Instant Preview Pas de redémarrage

Start loading pages as you select them from the location bar suggestions

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BzDeck Pas de redémarrage

Redirect you to BzDeck when you open a bugzilla link. https://www.bzdeck.com

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Mozilla Developer Center Google Search (Language: EN)

Mozilla Developer Center Google Search (Language: EN)

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Find Suggest Pas de redémarrage

Suggest words from the page when finding

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MozTrapHelper Pas de redémarrage

Add those missing functionalities to MozTrap ( http://moztrap.mozilla.org/ ).

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Mozilla Reps Companion Pas de redémarrage

Easy access to tools, documentation, and more for Mozilla Reps

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MozillaZine Search

Searches MozillaZine

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Behind The *Asterisks* (EladKarako Mod)

Mouse-Over Shows Whats *Behind* The *Asterisks*
Video Review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hifCmVpBflU

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Mozilla Cross-Reference

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Mozmill Crowd

Execute a set of different UI tests for Firefox by using Mozmill. Test results are getting collected in our dashboard and can be used to identify existing bugs in Firefox.

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Awesomebar Bugzilla Suggestions Pas de redémarrage

Adds Bugzilla Awesomebar suggestions and redirects bug numbers to Bugzilla.

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Google Mozilla addons

Google Mozilla addons searches for Mozilla addons at addons.mozilla.org via google

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Mozilla Labs - Jetpack Prototype

Jetpack Prototype is an experiment in making it easy to build Firefox add-ons using common web technologies.

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Search people on Mozillians

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A menu for easily access the different Mozilla sites

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