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Metal Lion Australis Tiger En vedette

Metal Lion redesigns Firefox Australis..

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Firefox 2, the theme, reloaded

The default Firefox 2 theme. Designed by Radiant Core.
The power of the new Gecko engine with a good old Firefox 2 face.

Issues with the titlebar? Please re-enable the title bar in the customization panel first (about:customizing).

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Metal Lion Australis Tiger SP

Metal Lion redesigns Firefox Australis some more.

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In The Dark

A theme created with simple shades of gray, designed to be simple and dark.

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Get sub-themes on http://www.foxdie.us

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A full featured retro theme for Firefox that looks like Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6+ "Classic" theme, Mozilla Suite M18+, and SeaMonkey 1.x "Classic" theme running on Windows.

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Aero Improved

A mixture of the gray default theme and the default Aero theme, optimized for non-default Aero window colors.

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Sky Pilot Classic

Because every navigator needs a pilot.
Home http://web-goodies.net/firefox/
Due the fact that reviewers keep rejecting newer version I'm uploading it on my website web-goodies.net/firefox/themes/sky_pilot.jar I keep fixing things, they say fix more

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Icon Effects

Apply various effects to Firefox icons.
Grayscale, negative, pink glasses and more...
Also we have cookie forms.

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Default Mod

Firefox default theme minimum gray style. Only for Mac OSX.

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2 themes for Firefox 3.5

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