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ZenMate Security & Privacy VPN

Unblock the web and change your IP with 4 locations across the globe. ZenMate secures your browsing with encryption - protecting you from hackers, snoopers and data thieves who prey on unsecure connections.

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360 Internet Protection Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

This extension is web threat protection of 360 Total Security for Firefox. It identifies malicious URL in real-time and blocks web threats. The capabilities of anti-fraud, anti-phishing and anti-malicious URL will be enabled once installed.

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VPN Unlimited - Private & Secure Web Proxy

Protect your privacy and get unlimited access to your favorite websites worldwide with VPN Unlimited!

Join millions of users who trust VPN Unlimited to keep their data private and secure.

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Fasterfox Redémarrage nécessaire

The One; The Original Fasterfox Gives performance & network tweaks for Firefox. Fasterfox makes your browsing so much faster!
Make your Sites Faster than a Fox with Fasterfox for FireFox!

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Privatix, a free privacy protection add-on

Privatix is a privacy protection VPN with unlimited free access. Unblock any blocked website, protect WiFi, and ensure online security.

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Free VPN Proxy Service by Connected Over

Connected Over Free Premium Proxy Service
We provide Free Premium Proxy server access for free. We also provide free VPN services along with paid VPN Services.

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fri-Gate - Russian censorship circumvention tool Redémarrage nécessaire

Tool to circumvent silly Russian political censure. Thanx to developers of opera add-on. Everything needed to write this add-on has been taken from opera one. Too bad developers was not collaborative and ignored all e-mails.

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Memory Fox Next Redémarrage nécessaire

Amended Memory Fox.
Attempts to reduce both Browser and Flash usage of RAM memory. Memory Fox Next will promote the increase of available RAM for other application processes, hopefully, fostering any attempts of Memory Recovery and Retention.

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Facebook Unfriend Finder Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

Get alerted when someone unfriends you from Facebook

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TV-FOX - Watch TV Online Redémarrage nécessaire

TV Add-on for Firefox - Watch TV directly from your Firefox Browser, 2780 Live TV Channels sorted by country & category, the TV-FOX allow you to watch thousands of TV channels freely available on the internet. powered by the biggest and most up t...

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Free Memory Button

Free unused memory that Firefox is currently using.

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1-Click Ebay Snipe (Free, Unlimited) Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

1-Click Schedule your eBay Snipe Sniper. Bid at the Last Second free and with unlimited snipes. Snipe at the last few seconds. "Snipe button" can be used on any Ebay item.

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pCloud Save Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

Save your favorite web images, videos, text and more to pCloud - up to 20 GB free storage.
★ Save web content through the right-click context menu
★ Select multiple images and save them at once
★ Mark articles, paragraphs and other types of text

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Internet Archive Search

Search add-on for Archive.org
Internet Archive: Universal Access To All Knowledge.

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Bot for Travian Kingdoms. Supported features:
-Troop train
-Farm Finder
-Farming reports

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The Pirate Bay (SSL)

The Pirate Bay is a popular BitTorrent index. This search bar add-on utilizes SSL to protect searches between You and The Pirate Bay.

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Free Flash, Unity3D and html5 games

Best Unity3D, Flash and html5 games. This add-on opens game panel with a single click. New games every day! Very easy to use!

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Music-Downloader. Fast music find and easy download (mp3,flac,wav).

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LikeThePage - Facebook Like Any Page! Redémarrage nécessaire

Easily share web pages you like with your friends and see how many people on Facebook like the page you are on!

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Kick Facebook Suggested Posts Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

L'extension retire toutes les publications suggérées de la page d'accueil Facebook.

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