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Evernote Web Clipper

L’extension Evernote pour Firefox constitue la meilleure façon de conserver une trace de toutes les merveilleuses choses que vous consultez en ligne. Oubliez les favoris et les ouvertures d’onglets, vous pouvez sauvegarder le texte, les liens.

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This add-on is intended to ease the life of the regular MEGA user.

Please note this extension is NOT the official from Mega, for the real one please go to: https://mega.nz/#firefox

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Dolphin Connect

Sync tabs and firefox bookmarks, send webpages, directions, numbers, text and images directly to your mobile devices.

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Gestionnaire de mots de passe Keeper®

Keeper vous protège contres les pirates en vous proposant une solution pratique et sûre pour gérer vos mots de passe.

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有道云笔记 Redémarrage nécessaire

有道云笔记 Firefox 扩展程序是记录您在网上发现的所有精彩内容的最佳方式。丢掉书签,打开标签页,保存网页内容—包括文本、链接、图像。

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TabCloud Redémarrage nécessaire

TabCloud - Save and restore window sessions over time and across multiple computers.

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AtmosFox Redémarrage nécessaire

AtmosFox helps you organize/manage/store your files on EMC Atmos online storage. It is easy to install and use as it is integrated into the browser.

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Send to My Cloud Redémarrage nécessaire

Copies selected text or current page or bookmark into a web cloud account.

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MEO Cloud Redémarrage nécessaire

Interact with MEO Cloud, send, receive and attach files all without leaving the browser.

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Findo is an intelligent search assistant which can search all your sources by description to find that document, email or contact.

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Облако тегов в вашем браузере! Расширение Urim позволяет быстро создать облако тегов для текущей страницы или любого фрагмента текста на ней.

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Cutnote Web Clipper Redémarrage nécessaire

Help you to save things you see on the web into your Cutnote account.

You can also add tag, comment, edit, organize, drag & drop, search and share these clips.

You can write your own notes too.

100% compatible with Google Notebook.

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Hyperlink5 Cloud Bookmarks

This extension allows you to save links to your Hyperlink5 homepage by a single click of the button. Hyperlink5 is a free tool that allows you to save and manage through bookmarks across multiple computers. A FREE account is required.

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Zembly.com is a new kind of social application development environment. Find services, widgets, apps hosted on zembly using this search tool.

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Memonic for Salesforce Web Clipper Redémarrage nécessaire

Allows you to save relevant parts out of any website directly into Salesforce.

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Search engine for cloud developers working in Salesforce.com , force.com, apex, visualforce, amazon web services aws, google api includes code samples, best practices, API definitions, Tag syntax, hand picked blogs, training videos and solutions.

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Visitation Cloud Redémarrage nécessaire

The Visitation Cloud Add-on generates a cloud of the top 30 most visited web sites in your Firefox Browser's History. Each web site's domain name is a hyperlink.The cloud can be saved as SVG, PNG or JPG and can be posted on Facebook easily.

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Bluebag is an online user friendly bookmarking site. Organize, share and discover sites you love. This Add-on allows one-click bookmarking to your BlueBag account.

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Go 2 CloudIs.Me Redémarrage nécessaire

Official Addon: Click and you'll be home

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