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Chrome List

Lets you take a peek at the files under the hood of your Firefox installation and profile...

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Ajouté February 2, 2007

Dublin Core NeViewer

Affiche les métadonnées Dublin Core embarquées dans la section HEAD d'une page Web XHTML en utilisant les éléments META et LINK.

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Ajouté January 29, 2007

Font Finder En vedette

FontFinder is created for designers, developers and typographers. It allows a user to analyze the font information of any element on a page, copy any piece(s) of that information to the clipboard, and perform inline replacements to test new layouts.

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Ajouté January 29, 2007


Replaces the Smilies on the Vespertales Webpage (www.vespertales.de) with an ascii...

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Ajouté January 24, 2007

Element Hiding Helper pour Adblock Plus Pas de redémarrage

Au diable les textes de pub ! Element Hiding Helper est une extension partenaire d'Adblock Plus qui vous permet de créer plus facilement des règles de masquage d'éléments.

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Ajouté January 22, 2007


This extension adds a menu button to Firefox allowing the user to restart or close Firefox and re-open with the current tabs. The session is even saved through a reboot. This is a small extension that uses Firefox's internal session save...

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Ajouté January 21, 2007

Header Spy

Shows HTTP headers on statusbar.

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Ajouté January 11, 2007


Pagediff is a simple page compare application. It helps web developers and designers to see HTML-code(text) differences between web pages...
One can visit my site to download new version(new versions before release)

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Ajouté January 10, 2007

Microsummary Manager

Easily install, delete and manage your μSummary generators!

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Ajouté January 5, 2007


Accessibility toolbar enabling easy manipulation of web page display and text-to-speech output...

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Ajouté January 5, 2007


Surligne et compte instantanément toutes les occurrences du texte sélectionné (remplace Ctrl-F avec l'option "surligner tout"). Un clic dans la page supprime le surlignage.

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Ajouté January 5, 2007


The subscriberinfo extension allows testing of mobile sites that use the "subscriberinfo" URI scheme with Firefox...

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Ajouté January 1, 2007


Copia el text LoremIpsum al portaretalls (fent clic esquerre) o al quadre de text actiu (fent clic dret)

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Ajouté December 28, 2006


Inline CSS Editing Evolved. Originally a port of the fantastic EditCSS tool that i've been using for many months. I've gutted it, made each stylesheet load into a seperate tab. Removed the save load clear functionality as i found it to be useless...

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Ajouté December 27, 2006

About Menu

Easily access the various About menus in Firefox.

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Ajouté December 22, 2006


web ui testing made easy. Capture and replay, modularized and maintainable tests with bricks, data binding with external files, reporting with simple rerun possibilities, test other media than HTML like PDF with helper applications. Integration into ...

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Ajouté December 22, 2006


UrlKick enables you to create short URLs with http://urlkick.com at the click of a button. ...

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Ajouté December 19, 2006

It's All Text!

Edit textareas using an external editor, because it's all text!

Right click on a textarea, select "It's All Text!" and edit the text in the editor of your choice.

Alternatively, click on the edit buttons added for your convenience. Right click on ...

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Ajouté December 18, 2006


Bringing Firefox and Bugzilla Together

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Ajouté December 17, 2006


Cool utility for cleaning up a page (for printing or better viewing) as well as for web development. Displays a red rectangle on the element under the mouse -- hit "w" to go wider (get the containing element), then hit other keystrokes to remove, etc

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Ajouté December 16, 2006