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IP Address and Domain Information Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

The Ultimate online investigation tool! See detailed information about every IP Address, Domain Name and Provider.

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Ajouté September 6, 2012

Random Select Radio Buttons

Click this Button and all radio buttons on the current website will be selected on a random basis.

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Ajouté September 1, 2012

RightClickXSS Redémarrage nécessaire

This addon adds a right-click menu option to insert sample XSS payloads into textboxes for security testing. Useful for security researchers or developers testing for cross-site scripting in web applications.

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Ajouté August 31, 2012

Transparent standalone images

This add-on renders standalone images on a transparent background, so you can see the image in all its glory!

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Ajouté August 30, 2012

Many Short Url Maker Redémarrage nécessaire

Powerful tool to short url to many type of short url provider and it easy just paste your url and submit and automatic we create it for you

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Ajouté August 30, 2012

Chennien AIR - 陳年雲端 Redémarrage nécessaire


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Ajouté August 27, 2012

Android Debug Bridge For Firefox

This addon adds some Android Debug Bridge access to Firefox. It requires access to the adb/adb.exe executable from the Android SDK.

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Ajouté August 23, 2012

versionshower Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

shows your current flashplayer and firefox version with one click

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Ajouté August 23, 2012

Scratchpad Snippets Redémarrage nécessaire

Extension pour Mozilla Firefox permettant d'ajouter des bouts de code à l'ardoise JavaScript.

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Ajouté August 21, 2012

HTML5 Outliner

Displays the HTML5 document outline of the current web page. HTML5 Outlines are composed of labels for important structural elements (e.g., heading text, table titles, form titles etc).
Source Code: https://github.com/arky/html5-outliner-addon

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Ajouté August 21, 2012

Holmsie Redémarrage nécessaire

Simple HTML(5) problems detector.

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Ajouté August 19, 2012

Language Button


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Ajouté August 19, 2012

FireIFrame Redémarrage nécessaire

FireIFrame is a Firebug extension that allows you to easily attach the console to IFrames within a page by visually selecting the IFrame you wish to attach to.

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Ajouté August 18, 2012


Your current link is stored in a offline file. Can be used in other web applications

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Ajouté August 18, 2012

Easy Markup Redémarrage nécessaire

Assisting the "markup challenged" among us by adding markup options to the context menu. Simply select text, right-click, and select a markup option. Easily add HTML formatting to your posts on your favorite forum or your blog.

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Ajouté August 17, 2012

AdWords OK Redémarrage nécessaire

Google Adwords Statistical Relevance View Expansion: Don't make decisions on average values. AdWords-OK expands your AdWords statistics by min and max-values. Your values will stay in the longterm with a probability of over 95% between this values.

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Ajouté August 17, 2012

Compare MoodleDocs

Visit „view source“ or the edit tab of any page within MoodleDocs, right-click the textarea containing the source, select „Compare MoodleDocs“ plus the version to compare with. If this version exists a diff checker will visualize the differences.

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Ajouté August 16, 2012

ClearAllCookiesButton Redémarrage nécessaire

A simple button to Clear All Cookies

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Ajouté August 15, 2012

Digger Reloaded 2

This is Restartless Build of previous version. Toolbar button added.
Dig through URLs with mouse right button click (context-menu).

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Ajouté August 13, 2012

Config Descriptions

Shows source comments for advanced application preferences in about:config

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Ajouté August 12, 2012