Duplicate Tab Hotkey

A Duplicate Tab Hotkey bound to Accel+K.

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Ajouté May 29, 2014

Session Exporter Redémarrage nécessaire

Exports Firefox sessions to HTML files or saves them to your bookmarks. If your session includes tab groups, your tabs are grouped accordingly.

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Ajouté May 27, 2014

Google Tasks Sidebar

Shows your Google tasks in a sidebar.

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Ajouté May 26, 2014

Open Tabs Next to Current

Open new tabs always to the right of the current one.

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Ajouté May 22, 2014

Compact Tabs

Makes more room for page titles in the the Firefox tabs bar by removing the extra white space, making them appear a bit more compact.

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Ajouté May 19, 2014

Tab Group Switch Command Redémarrage nécessaire

Move between Tab Groups with a firefox command line switch, -switchtabgroups

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Ajouté May 12, 2014

Small Tabs

Compact tab and navigation bar buttons for Firefox Australis. 33 tabs in a row. TMP

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Ajouté May 11, 2014

FLST (Firefox 29+) Redémarrage nécessaire

Focuses last selected tab when closing current tab; additionally, clicking current tab switches to last selected tab ("tab flipping")

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Ajouté May 11, 2014

Back to Start

Adds an Opera-style 'Go back to start' button

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Ajouté May 10, 2014


Smack the active tab and move it to the start or end of the tab list.

The addon code has been developed with the addon-sdk and is hosted on

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Ajouté May 8, 2014

Tab Merger Redémarrage nécessaire

Opens a new tab in an already existing tab

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Ajouté May 7, 2014


A basic office online addon

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Ajouté May 3, 2014

YouTubeButton Redémarrage nécessaire

Add a native looking button to Firefox on the Navigation Toolbar. Left click to go to YouTube, Middle click to open YouTube in a new tab.

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Ajouté May 2, 2014

New metroTab Redémarrage nécessaire

Custom new tab page with Metro UI.It offers several features such as speed dial,email facebook twitter notice,clock,weather.

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Ajouté April 28, 2014

No Close Buttons

In Firefox 31, the browser.tabs.closeButtons option was removed. This addon forces what previously used to be a value of 2 for that option: no close buttons on any tabs.

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Ajouté April 28, 2014


Open the Geotool just with one click!

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Ajouté April 27, 2014


An add-on to open multiple pictures in browser.

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Ajouté April 26, 2014


Automatically closes idle tabs after designated time.
Doesn't close pinned tabs.

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Ajouté April 24, 2014

Tabbed View Source

View Page Source in New Tab, Current Tab or New Window

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Ajouté April 21, 2014

Beyond Australis En vedette

Australis est le nom du thème actuel de Firefox, il s'agissait de donner un look génial au navigateur. Vous pouvez maintenant aller plus loin encore et le rendre génial à utiliser !

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Ajouté April 15, 2014