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All your favourite tabs in one page forever with you. This plugin was developed special for webber.

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Magic Traders Private Messaging

Fixes private messaging on

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Regardez des videos Youtube en synchro avec un de vos amis connectés sur les réseaux sociaux : jouez/arrêtez des videos, changez de vidéo, déplacez-vous au sein de la vidéo et chattez ensemble !

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F4c3b00k Older

Este addon força o facebook a implementar a versão velha em seu perfil!

It's to get a older facebook in ur profile

Это, чтобы получить старше facebook в своем профиле

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The Carbon 14 of the web

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Read Hatebu Later



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A simple website-agnostic encryption/decryption utility

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스태커 Pas de redémarrage

웹서핑 중 원하는 링크, 이미지, 텍스트 등을 스태커로 보내세요.

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CoVu Pas de redémarrage

COVU. Never surf alone.

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Privacy snapshots of the social web

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Blog Watcher


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31 utilisateurs Wunschliste Pas de redémarrage

Das AddOn zeigt ein Symbol in der Symbolleiste, um mit einem Klick Produkte auf Webseiten der eigenen Wunschliste bei hinzuzufügen.

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Wimbeep Firefox Extension

A firefox extension for sending data over an acoustic media from browser to the Wimbeep application

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Поиск от byffox

Поиск выбранного текста на ваших любимых сайтах непосредственно из контекстного меню. Забудьте про плагины поиска.

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an application which allows you to post to social networks in couple of clicks

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Karmacracy Pas de redémarrage

Descubre el contenido más compartido de la red y comparte tus propios enlaces obteniendo datos sobre tu relevancia, divirtiéndote e incluso rentabilizando tu influencia.

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Klick-Mart is an easy to use add-on that will assist you in comparing , reviewing and purchasing most of the popular items online .
Klick-Mart is integrated with Twitter which shall inform you on what the tweeple are saying about a product !! Enjoy

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Quick Viewers


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Hamasy Notifier

Notifica gli esami pubblicati sull'Hamasy System dell'Università di Pisa

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This extension adds a menu to Firefox that lets you seamlessly pushes links, currently selected text and phone numbers to your iPhone. You also need to install the PushMessenger on your iPhone.

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