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Send anyone a link to a highlighted section of a webpage. Just select the content you want to highlight and click slink!

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Fire Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard Microsoft Language Layouts for Firefox with automatic online language identifier

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Inbox Pause

Pause your Gmail

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Скрытие мусора Вконтакте

Позволяет скрыть мусорные посты из социальной сети Вконтакте.

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VoiceGen Dialer

This extension will let you call to the phones you find on the web.

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Surf Without Login for Pinterest

Remove login in box automatically that forces you to login. And surf Pinterest without login

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Henkers OUO.IO Shorter

FireFox Extension from Henker, its Create Shorten URL with the Engine OUO.IO

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Partager cette page

Le moyen le plus rapide d'envoyer à votre ami un lien! - De partager la page Web actuelle sur Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, via la barre d'outils ...

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Adult Website Blocker Redémarrage nécessaire

Stop your children from entering pornographic websites! Very easy to use. Doesn't slow down your computer. Arrêtez vos enfants d'entrer dans des sites pornographiques! Très facile à utiliser. Ne ralentit pas votre ordinateur.

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Jitsi-Meet Desktop Sharing: enables screen sharing for the Jitsi-Meet application.

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GG Plugin

Wyświetla powiadomienia w GG (dawniej Gadu-Gadu).

Każda przychodząca rozmowa pojawia się w postaci notyfikacji. O liczbie nieprzeczytanych rozmów informuje także licznik znajdujący się na pasku przeglądarki.

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Amplify The Web

A Faster Web. Instant. Everywhere.

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Screen share in Firefox

Firefox extension to enable screen share for real time screen share .

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Share on

Simple extension to share pages, links, images and selected text in social network

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Affinity Enhancement Tool

This extension provides various enhancements for

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The next generation bookmarking tool to navigate to your most frequently visited websites. Allows user to configure their list of most frequently visited websites based on categories making it easier and faster to navigate to websites.

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Adds chat roles, colours, and various tweaks to, with more sites coming soon.

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Verbling Screensharing

Share your screen during Verbling lessons

-As a teacher, show students learning materials and exercises.
-As a student, show teachers your work.

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Панель быстрых ссылок сайта

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No Twitter Follow Suggestions

Removes Twitter's Who To Follow suggestions

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