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Inscription an MS Office

Dieses Addon erweitert Ihren Firefox mit der Möglichkeit, Microsoft Office-Dokumente direkt aus Ihrem heraus zu öffnen, zu bearbeiten und wieder zu speichern.

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Ajouté June 24, 2013

Dutch Dictionary for Spelling Requires Restart

Important!!! If you can't see the Dutch flag, please click View --> Toolbars --> Bookmarks Toolbar . Select a text in Dutch appearing on any web page and get a spelling check for it immediately!

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Ajouté June 24, 2013


Wyświetlenia powiadomienia z serwisu

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Ajouté June 21, 2013

The extension adds memes to facebook chat that everyone can see and removes facebooks ads.

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Ajouté June 20, 2013

Jeel Plus Requires Restart

Jeel plus extension help you to share any url in our jeel plus system, just what you want click in jeel plus icon in address bar.

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Ajouté June 19, 2013

MyWebRSS Panel

Displays MyWebRSS in a panel.

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Ajouté June 16, 2013

Social Media Discovery

Extensión que permite extraer metadatos de una página web para el servicio Social Media Discovery.

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Ajouté June 14, 2013


An extension that helps you sharing links over twitter and blogs.

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Ajouté June 13, 2013

Auto Load New Posts for Google+™

Auto Load New Posts

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Ajouté June 12, 2013

Búsqueda en la barra de direcciones en Twitter

Mozilla Firefox con Twitter te conecta instantáneamente con lo que está sucediendo en el mundo.
Busca personas y temas en Twitter usando @ y # desde la barra de direcciones.

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Ajouté June 11, 2013


An extension that tracks the LookAtMyGaming team on and lets you know who is online. Updates every 5 minutes.

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Ajouté June 10, 2013

Dirt Farmer's Click Trap Remover

Makes Facebook game dialog's right clickable - Browser Extension maintained by the Dirt Farmer team

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Ajouté June 10, 2013

HN Ticker

A hacker news tab bar button.
This app will install a button on the tab bar that opens hacker news when clicked (

The button shows your karma updated every three minutes (configurable).

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Ajouté June 7, 2013

Connections Toolbar Requires Restart

The Connections toolbar for Firefox facilitates searching and using IBM Connections directly from the toolbar without the need to navigate or search the IBM Connections UI. The toolbar supports the latest version of IBM Connections.

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Ajouté June 6, 2013

Desktop Notifications for Android

Receive notifications from your Android devices in your browser.

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Ajouté June 3, 2013

映画.com Check-in通知 Requires Restart


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Ajouté June 3, 2013

Outlook Web App: Show Unread Count in Tab Requires Restart

This will check for unread messages when using the Outlook Web App and put the unread count in the Outlook Web App tab. Pretty simple javascript app wrapped in a Firefox Extension.

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Ajouté June 2, 2013

Facebook LinkStats

Q: Is the number of Facebook Like Button all about "LIKE"?
A: NO!

The Add-on can show the detail of Facebook Like count (ex. Like count, comment count and share count).

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Ajouté May 31, 2013

GIHFilter Requires Restart

GIH Plug-in Amacı; Çocuk ve Ailelerin Daha Güvenli Ve Daha Temiz Aramalar Yaparak, Uygunsuz Ve Bahis İçerikli Sitelerden Korunmanızı Sağlar

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Ajouté May 31, 2013

QR Secret Decoder Ring

Right click an image (including a background image), SVG element, or canvas containing a QR code to decode.

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Ajouté May 30, 2013