Discount Helper

1. Search up to 99% discount products.
2. Simple and advanced Discount Helper search option.
3. Share links to friend option. ** New **
4. Changing share icons style. ** New **
5. Changing share icons Angle of opening. ** New **

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Amazon Gift

Looking for gift ideas for Christmas? This little tool let you explore great gift ideas from Amazon, by price range, by relationship, and by category.Great for gift hunting in the holiday season.

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Ajouté November 3, 2012

Mes annonces LeBonCoin

Cette extension permet d'enregistrer les annonces que vous publiez sur LeBonCoin afin de faciliter leur re-publication.

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购物党全网自动比价工具:淘宝京东比价、历史价格跟踪、降价提醒、全网收藏夹 Pas de redémarrage


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Elicoupon Pas de redémarrage

Ne perdez plus de temps à chercher des codes de réduction.

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BargainEZ Coupons & Deals

Finds coupons automatically for the sites you shop at and gives you single click access to the best online deals from BargainEZ. With this nonintrusive extension you will have valid coupons codes available with just one click when shopping online.

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Givinci allows individuals to raise money for charities by shopping online. Givinci for Firefox will automatically detect when you visit a store that is participating with Givinci, and ask you if you would like to donate.

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Kauftipp Preisberater Pas de redémarrage

Preise vergleichen in Echtzeit! Mit dem Preisberater von Kauftipp sparen Sie viel Geld beim Online-Shopping.

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Ajouté October 31, 2012

はてなレビュー Pas de redémarrage


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Ebates Cash Back Button

The Ebates Cash Back Button makes earning Cash Back and finding Hot Deals easier than ever.

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Ajouté October 22, 2012

Big Fish Coupons

Soyez informé dans votre navigateur des offres de Big Fish Games. Des réductions jusqu'à 100 % sont disponibles.

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Ajouté October 20, 2012

MandaloATraer, hacemos clic a tus compras por internet.

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Luigi - Fiat Pas de redémarrage

Luigi es el asistente de Fiat que provee información sobre postventa a quienes poseen un auto de la marca, como así también a quienes desean adquirir uno nuevo.

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افزونه خرید شارژ یکــ همراه Pas de redémarrage

افزونه خرید آسان و سریع شارژ ایرانسل، همراه اول و تالیا به همراه نمایش اطلاعات مربوط به جوایز روزانه.

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Tomato Box (Beta)

Tomato Box displays available ratings for DVDs and Blu-Rays available in It enables you to get critics and audience reviews, and similar information from with a click of a button.

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Ajouté October 11, 2012

Affiliate Redirect

Automatically redirects affiliate URLs with affiliate codes.

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Shopscotch Pas de redémarrage

Monitor prices on fashions. We'll tell you when the things you want go on sale.

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STRX Pas de redémarrage

STRX uses browser technology to pay a fundraising organization a commission every time its supporters buy something online.

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GutscheinDoktor Gutschein-Melder

Unser Gutschein-Melder informiert dich vor JEDEM Einkauf, ob der GutscheinDoktor gratis Gutscheincodes für deinen Einkauf bereithält.

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