Mega Radar

Pesquisar e comparar preços nunca foi tão fácil.

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Ajouté August 7, 2014


eDeseos te ayuda a hacer realidad tus sueños y los de las personas que comparten tu vida.

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Ajouté August 5, 2014

Add Item to Magical

Add gift ideas from any website to your Magical account

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Ajouté August 1, 2014

Amazon Click

Open the Amazon Website with one click!

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Ajouté August 1, 2014


Finally a browser feature for Shopaholics. This will save you money everyday on all your online shopping. Just click and get this feature and shop the way you do. Enjoy Saving !!!

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Ajouté July 30, 2014


Nie mehr Cashback verpassen! Mit dem Rabattcorner Browser Add-on entgeht Ihnen kein Cashback-Angebot mehr. Die Erweiterung erinnert Sie bei jedem angeschlossenen Online-Shop mit einem dezenten Hinweis an die Aktivierung des Cashbacks.

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Ajouté July 29, 2014


AdBeaver is a free service for you to get a little more out of your web surfing. You surf the web and earn valuable AdCoins for every ad shown on your screen. AdCoins can be cashed out via paypal, gift cards or donated to a charitable cause.

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Ajouté July 28, 2014

Shop and Give reminder Redémarrage nécessaire

Shop&Give money to your favourite causes for free with TheGivingMachine's Shop&Give reminder extension. Never miss another donation!

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Ajouté July 24, 2014

SiteTalk Cashback Add-on Redémarrage nécessaire

Shop online using SiteTalk's state of the art Cashback Add-on. Get a 10% friend cashback reward on all personally referred members.

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Ajouté July 24, 2014


Shoppingbuddy helpt je goedkopere producten te vinden terwijl je aan het shoppen bent

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Ajouté July 22, 2014

digdrop - Amazon price drops digger

Amazon price tracker, price drops explorer, Amazon price history chart app.

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Ajouté July 16, 2014


This add-on allows you to add items directly to your giftry from anywhere on the web.

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Ajouté July 10, 2014

Mes idées recettes Auchandirect

Ajoutez des recettes à vos idées grâce à cette extension Auchan Direct !

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Ajouté July 9, 2014


Buy tech with no regret. Get instant access to the best content about the products you're browsing.

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Ajouté July 8, 2014

Search with DMM


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Ajouté July 6, 2014



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Ajouté July 2, 2014

GiveBuy Redémarrage nécessaire

Use GiveBuy to donate while you shop. A percentage of every purchase you make online will be donated to a major charity at no extra cost to you.

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Ajouté July 1, 2014 Toolbar Redémarrage nécessaire Toolbar - acces rapid la site-ul

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Ajouté June 30, 2014 Firefox Erweiterung

Das Addon prüft, ob Cashback für die aktuelle Seite vorhanden ist. Damit verpassen Sie nie ein Cashback zu aktivieren.

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Ajouté June 27, 2014

Did I have it?

Display 'Already Own' label on games which I have in Steam. (Currently supported store: humble store)

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Ajouté June 27, 2014