Asystent Allegro

Asystent Allegro to rozszerzenie stworzone dla osób ceniących prostotę i funkcjonalność. Asystent gromadzi w jednym miejscu najważniejsze funkcje Allegro. Dzięki niemu zawsze na bieżąco otrzymujesz powiadomienia o zmianach we wszystkich transakcjach.

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Ajouté August 1, 2012

Jupiter Broadcasting Affiliate Redirect

Automatically redirects affiliate URLs to add Jupiter Broadcasting affiliate codes.

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Ajouté July 29, 2012

kocham to! -

zainstaluj przycisk z serduszkiem i dodawaj ubrania, które pokochałaś, na bezpośrednio z poziomu przeglądarki.

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Ajouté July 23, 2012

SPTG - Send Page To

This plugin helps you to add items from online taobao shop to your basket at website without the need to copy and paste the link like it used to be. Its quick, simple and makes the entire process of creating an order a one-click deal.

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Ajouté July 21, 2012

Shop Down The Debt

Help lower the United States debt by adding this simple extension!

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Search India's leading online curated store

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什么值得买 实时推送 Pas de redémarrage


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易海淘_6pm图片显示补丁 Pas de redémarrage



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Spreadsheet Calculator Pas de redémarrage

This calculator works like an adding machine with a tape. Very easy to estimate and budget.The Spreadsheet Calculator will save you time because you don't have re key your entries when totaling long columns.Try it you'll like it. User friendly.

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Ajouté June 22, 2012


The ultimate kiki experience full of awesomeness.

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Ajouté June 21, 2012

Shopple eGift Rewards Bar

Price comparison, shopping suggestions and earn money back by gathering Shopple points as you purchase goods from over 500 online stores and exchange them for eGift vouchers to spend online - over 10 million products currently available.

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Ajouté June 20, 2012

Calculator with spreadsheet

Integrated spreadsheet with 14 inline calculators to increase your mathematical decisions for projections and estimating,

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Ajouté June 20, 2012

Music Store Wizz

Music Store Wizz is the best way for musicians and audio engineers to search and compare prices and products from the top online music retailers.

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Ajouté June 13, 2012


Wikizon finds books in Wikipedia articles then automatically displays them in the left-hand column with a link to Amazon.

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Ajouté June 10, 2012


Save money while shopping online with instant price comparisons and coupons.

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eBay Live

Mini version of the eBay site.

Tracks your watched items
items you're selling
sold items etc

all in a quick popup sidebar.

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Ajouté June 6, 2012

PriceRunner Toolbar Pas de redémarrage

PriceRunner Toolbar compares prices for your wanted product without leaving the current webpage

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Ajouté June 4, 2012

Best Deal Hunter

Amazon Best Deal Hunter
from "Amazon Deal Button" This addon helps you easily locate Amazon's unpublished (up to 90% off) clearance sections on US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan and Italy sites.

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Ajouté June 2, 2012

CompareRaja- Get price comparison automatically

CompareRaja add-on is price saving tool that lets you save money while you shop online. It automatically fetches the lowest price available for the product you are looking for & the available discount code and gives auto notification in your browser!

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Cerca prezzi e offerte con

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