Sécurité et vie privée


Search Incognito - Default Search Pas de redémarrage

Sets your default search engine to SearchIncognito.com to protect your privacy.

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Password Generator Pas de redémarrage

Protecting your online accounts just got easier!
Simply follow the user-friendly wizard and generate a secure password!

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User Agent Switcher (Firefox) Pas de redémarrage

Switches the User Agent string of the Firefox Browser on the requested webpage when set to on to the requested User Agent string.

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reddit VigLink bypasser Pas de redémarrage

Bypasses all VigLink affiliate links on reddit. Works also without logging in.

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Enable Auto Complete Pas de redémarrage

Enable Auto Complete attribute for form elements

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Https Only Pas de redémarrage

Toggle blocking of all non https requests

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Gif Remover Pas de redémarrage

To fastest your browser to surfing internet without extension gif.

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IP2Location IP Geolocation Plugin

Geolocation lookup for a website based on IP address, uses database provided by ip2location.com.

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Eat My Cookies

Delete site cookies with one click. Eat My Cookies is the easiest, fastest, and most effective cookie extension for Firefox.

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NoZapret Pas de redémarrage

Bypass Russian internet censorship.

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Replace integrated password managers storage with zx2c4's pass (www.passwordstore.org)

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Web Security

To inform end users with authenticity of the websites and the web content hope to replace Firefox's identity box and plugin icon.

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antiporn Pas de redémarrage

This addons will help you to stop browsing to porn sites.
This is my first developed addons so, if there any problem please let me know... :)

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Unvisit Pas de redémarrage

Lets you read sites without visiting them, using the http://unvis.it service.

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Https Instead

make your current link a https , with a click
一键使当前 http->https

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Integrated Porn Autocensor (Beta) Pas de redémarrage

Beta Version -
Penyensoran berdasarkan teks dan citra porno secara otomatis.

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Privacy Dashboard

A privacy assistant developed by W3C for the PrimeLife project

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Anonymization Toolbar

Surf The Web Anonymously...

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FBSecure provides users with a secure Facebook Application Installation process. It allows you to control what permissions to grant to applications before actually installing them. It also provides you recommendations based on community decisions.

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Spam Fire

Light up the fire! Hide your email and report spam, with spamfire!

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