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ZXXeverywhere NSA & Snooping Proof Font Tool Pas de redémarrage

This extension adds the NSA & Surveillence proof ZXX font to pages to protects from mass surveillence by countering character recognition on every website that you visit.

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Browser Security

This browser application is designed to secure your browser, while surfing the internet.
+ Enhances your browser performance
+ Makes surfing the internet more secure
+ Protects you from phishing attacts

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Block Sneaky Redirects

Finds links that tracks your browsing activity and blocks redirecting via their sites. This tool will fix the redirects and take you to the intended website directly.

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PunkSPIDER Pas de redémarrage

Displays web vulnerability information from PunkSPIDER about the site you're currently visiting. PunkSPIDER is an open source project that scans the entire Internet for web vulnerabilities and provides the results free and open to the public.

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Das Plugin von Webpageanalyse bietet eine technische Analyse zu einer aufgerufenen Webseite. Neben allgemeinen Informationen wie Pagerank wird auf die Punkte Technik, Verweise und SEO sehr detaillierter eingegangen.

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History Manager

Manage browsing history by keywords.

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Brute-force attacks on GET or POST forms

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Поиск Номера Телефона Pas de redémarrage

Сервис для поиска телефонного номера в интернете

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Diluted Search Pas de redémarrage

DilutedSearch is an add-on that enhances the internet search privacy. It dilutes/hides actual google searches by mixing real searches with automatically generated searches. It also removes search redirect in search results to prevent click tracking.

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pornsite blocker Pas de redémarrage

For blocking porn or harm site, may useful for protect your kids or computer to access the site.

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Hash decrypt/encrypt
Hash Identify
Network Tools
Google with operators
Torrent Search

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A basic add-on for PUT files at the current domain.

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Brouillez les pistes ! Notre module vous permet de changer en un clic votre "User-Agent" : en clair, de simuler l'utilisation d'un autre navigateur que Firefox, comme Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari ou leurs versions mobiles.

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If a link is set to perform a redirection, you can directly load the secondary URL by right-clicking on the link and clicking on it in the popup menu. You can middle-click or ctrl-click to open the secondary URL in a new tab.

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Phish Advisor

Providing better protection against phishing scams, alerting only on suspicious non-trusted sites, so user could raise awareness only when alerted.
In the ever-lasting battle of usability VS. security Phish-Advisor magically tilt the balance to both

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MAFIAAFire: Parasites and Monkey Lights!

MAFIAAFire: Parasites and Monkey Lights - Who let the monkey out?!

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Clickjacking Defense - Declarative Sec Detector

It scrutinizes the HTTP Response Headers for the presence of X-Frame-Options Header

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my site 1.0 Pas de redémarrage

it allow to browse facebook - youtube and gmail in secured way...

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SlyFox is a browser tab privacy utility. Use it to cover private content in your tabs and hide your stuff.

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Block irrelevant ads. Earn cash when you click interesting ads.
Stop choking your screen and bandwidth with ads you hate.
Find deals. Protect your privacy. Take back your screen!

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