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The all in one toolbar(item). Houses and manages bigger amounts of buttons (Clear Cache, Clear Cookies, ...), Menus (User Agent spoof...) and checkboxes (Javascript, Flash, ...). Extensible from online-database or with self created buttons.

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Keyword Search Pas de redémarrage En vedette

Search in the awesome bar without changing your search engine.

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Google Privacy En vedette

Make some popular websites respect your privacy settings.
Please see the known issues below!

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SSleuth Pas de redémarrage

How strong is your HTTPS connection? SSleuth ranks an established SSL/TLS connection and gives a brief summary of the cipher suite, certificate and other SSL/TLS parameters.

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Clickjacking Reveal Pas de redémarrage

This extension tries to warn you if it found clickjacking technique on the page you are viewing.

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Click&Clean En vedette

The quick and easy way to delete your browsing history, erase all temporary internet files, remove downloaded files history, cookies, Flash LSO, typed URLs. Allows to delete private data when Firefox closes. Supported ext. tools like CCleaner.

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BetterPrivacy En vedette

Remove or manage a new and uncommon kind of cookies, better known as LSO's.The BetterPrivacy safeguard offers various ways to handle Flash-cookies set by Google, YouTube, Ebay and others...

Latest updates: See bottom link 'version history'!

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Malware Search

Mainly for use with HijackThis logs, this plugin will search various malware related databases for selected (highlighted) text.

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FlashDisable Pas de redémarrage

Toolbar button that lets you disable and re-enable Flash with just one click.

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Disable clipboard manipulations Pas de redémarrage

This extension prevents websites from interfering with your copy and paste actions.

Note: The same functionality is now built into Firefox, you can just change the dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled preference manually.

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Advanced Dork:

Advanced Dork: gives quick access to Google's Advanced Operators directly from the context menu...

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Récupérer les mots de passe du gestionnaire de mots de passe pour les envoyer vers le presse-papiers et vers les formulaires de connexion. Plus besoin de les afficher !

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Bloody Vikings! En vedette

Simplifie l'utilisation des adresses électroniques temporaires afin de protéger votre adresse réelle de spam. Supporte 10minutemail.com entre autres et anonbox.net.

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Cookie Controller

Buttons for managing site cookie permissions, switching global cookie permissions on and off, browsing cookies, and removing cookies. The same functions are included for local and session storage.

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Pure URL Pas de redémarrage

Removes garbage like "utm_source" from URLs

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Permit Cookies

Set cookie permissions for the site you are viewing.

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Site Identity Button Colors Pas de redémarrage

Brings back verifiedIdentity and verifiedDomain highlighting colors to the Site Identity Button. Also includes a darker style

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pwgen - Password Generator

For Sysadmins / Network Engineers / and why not everybody who needs a quick password generator.. simple, yet efficient.

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Toggle JS Pas de redémarrage

A simple toolbar button to quickly toggle javascript between enabled or disabled.
A green shield is shown when javascript is enabled and a red shield is shown when it is disabled

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Floff Pas de redémarrage

Flash On/Off restartless button without Jetpack (4.4 kB)

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