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Best Free Image Hosts (HotLinking allowed )

Easily right click upload pictures to free images server that allow hotlinking and no bandwidth limits...

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Blausen It

Blausen It scans websites for medical/scientific terms, and allows the user to view relevant animations, illustrations, and models.

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YouTube Animated Thumbnails Pas de redémarrage

Firefox extension that animates the video thumbnails on YouTube.
Here's the source code:

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YouRepeat Pas de redémarrage

Adds a button under the YouTube player, giving the option to repeat videos and create GIFs.

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Онлайн радио от BYFFOX

В нашем каталоге собраны самые популярные и хитовые FM и интернет радиостанции разных жанров: поп, рок, шансон, диско, ретро, джаз, Dance, электронная музыка, юмор,информационные и развлекательные радиостанции.

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ImgFly | Anonymous Imagehost Firefox Plugin

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1 utilisateur коллекционер изображений

Сохраняет изображения с любых сайтов в вашу коллекцию на сайте используя контекстное меню

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YouTube MP3 Downloader using Pas de redémarrage

Convert any video from YouTube to an MP3 or MP4 file and download it for free.

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Радио онлайн Pas de redémarrage

Слушайте лучшие радиостанции прямо в Вашем любимом браузере. Просто включи и слушай!

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Mixcloud Button Pas de redémarrage

The unofficial Mixcloud extension.

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Torrent Scan

Select some text, right-click and choose "Torrent Scan" in the menu, a new tab will open with the searched text.

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Netflix Star Pas de redémarrage

A light-weight, secure add-on that allows you to quickly see your Netflix movie ratings right in the main page without having to hover over any movie images. Super nifty if you want to see your movie ratings quickly.

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Twitch Chat overlayer Pas de redémarrage

Overlay twitch chat over the stream.

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Police du Net - DMCA Agent Pas de redémarrage

Application pour automatiser les demandes de retraits concernant le telechargement illegal

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Youtube2Audio Pas de redémarrage

Help you to download mp3 music and mp4 video from youtube video with single click using 3rd party site (

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Google Image Lookup

Search local images or the images you see on any webpage using Google by dragging them onto a small popup box that opens when you start dragging. You can also use the context menu item to search images.

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No Annotations Pas de redémarrage

Add-on for disabling annotations on YouTube.

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Yandex Music Controls Pas de redémarrage

Плагин добавляет кнопки на панель инструментов, позволяющие управлять проигрывателем Яндекс Музыки из любой вкладки.

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Google Hangouts Web Messenger Pas de redémarrage

Google Hangouts Web Messenger brings Google Hangouts right into your browser to chat with your friends.

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Verbling Screensharing Pas de redémarrage

Share your screen during Verbling lessons

-As a teacher, show students learning materials and exercises.
-As a student, show teachers your work.

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