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Add to Delicious+ Redémarrage nécessaire

Add to Delicious lets you quickly add links from any web page.

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hyPlayer - play/pause/next Buttons Redémarrage nécessaire

Navigate directly from your Firefox.
For more Information, visit the project page.

Please rate and comment if you want to have more features!

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Any Shirt You Want Redémarrage nécessaire

Adds a context menu link to make a shirt out of any image (or a mug/hat/button/etc.)

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TIPISH! Uploader Redémarrage nécessaire

See preview image

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Vimeo Downloader

Download vimeo videos with a single click

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lyrics Redémarrage nécessaire

Get lyrics while listening music @ or

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Floats the Video on YouTube Website. Allows you to watch video while commenting and reading comments.

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Tab Cycler

Adds a "Cycle Tabs" context menu item to tabs.

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Disable Ads

Disable Ads add on will help you remove ads in video player. Current it working with ads. In the future, it will support more site!

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Image in New Tab Redémarrage nécessaire

Right click and open any image in a new tab

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bilibili Helper Redémarrage nécessaire

bilibili Helper.
1. A shortcut function to redirect video in the to its original submitter.
2. share the video in the bilibili to other site more easily.

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Christmas Holiday Interactive Theme Redémarrage nécessaire

Get the holiday spirit whenever you're online with the Classic Christmas browser theme. Or create your own holiday spirit at where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme!

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PDFescape Extension Redémarrage nécessaire

Looking for a free PDF editor?
PDFescape enables you to open and edit PDF files & forms online, free! This Firefox extension allows you to automatically open PDF files you discover online in PDFescape.

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Vkontakte photo Redémarrage nécessaire

Vkontakte photo - скачать фото из вконтакте

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A missing feature of gmail, in compose formatting bar, close to Bold, Italic etc. It strikethroughs selected text, or input text with strikethrough formation

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View on Flickriver Redémarrage nécessaire

View various Flickr pages using

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Yandex Music Downloader Redémarrage nécessaire

Загрузка MP3 файлов с сервиса Yandex.Музыка

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Crunchyroll Locale Unblocker

Watch region blocked anime on Crunchyroll from outside the US!

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Free Movies

Watch full length, new release movies online For Free and, Download the latest movies without Registration. A convenient tool to have on your browser to access recently released blockbusters.

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GrooveControl allows you to do basic controls of grooveshark's functionality when you have it open in another tab.

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