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Enhancer for YouTube™

Une des meilleurs extensions pour YouTube™. Toutes les fonctionnalités nécessaires pour rendre YouTube™ encore plus génial !

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YouTube Video Player Preview

YouTube Video Player Preview lets you preview YouTube videos when you hover over thumbnails.

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VK Music Downloader

Music downloader for with NEW DESIGN.

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Расширение позволяет загружать музыку, фото и видео из контакта
Страница ВКонтакте:

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Youtube Flash Switch

Youtube Flash Switch simply switches back Flash Player on YouTube in the fastest way possible.

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InlineDisposition 2

InlineDisposition 2 changes the disposition of Content-Disposition response headers from attachment to inline.

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Downloads videos easily from YouTube using

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Live Start Page LST

Live new tab page: living photos in your browser, weather, to-do list, and bookmark tiles

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Show Picture Requires Restart

For those people who have a slow internet connection, limited data or just do not want images displayed when viewing a web page. Also options to display only selected images.

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Show Selected Images Requires Restart

Allows Firefox to reload multiple images that failed to be displayed.

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TubeBuddy Plugin

TubeBuddy is a browser extension built for YouTube creators that can save hours of time, help optimize videos, help engage with your audience and a whole lot more.

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Open With Microsoft Edge

Open With Microsoft Edge sends pages from Mozilla Firefox to Microsoft Edge.

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Awesome Screenshot Plus - Capture, Annotate & More

Capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, one-click upload to share. And more!

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SCDL SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud Download Helper. Adds ARTWORK, ARTIST, GENRE, TRACKNAME !!

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Télécharger la vidéo Youtube Requires Restart

Télécharger une vidéo Youtube en cliquant simplement sur un lien!

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Google Keep Notes

Google Keep Notes brings Google Keep right into your Firefox Sidebar.

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Simple screenshot extension

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MusicSig vkontakte

Качай музыку и видео c VK! Блокировка рекламы VKontakte и другие полезные функции, дополнительные возможности!

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NoSquint Plus

Manage site-specific zoom levels and color settings

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Vk Music Sync

This addon allows you to sync your playlist in VK social network ( with any of your folder on the disk.

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