List the hosts, and corresponding network addresses, from which a page and its resources are loaded.

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Ajouté August 20, 2011

DelaySites Redémarrage nécessaire

Delays blacklisted sites from loading immediately, to combat impulsive internet addiction behavior!

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60 utilisateurs
Ajouté August 19, 2011

AWSCLic Skipper Redémarrage nécessaire

Ce module ouvre automatiquement les liens créés par AwsClic, wslinx et lienscash sans temps d'attente.

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6 utilisateurs
Ajouté August 17, 2011

Hipololz Redémarrage nécessaire

Permet d'ajouter encore plus rapidement des vidéos sur son compte :

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1 utilisateur
Ajouté August 17, 2011

Snagit Autoscroll Helper Redémarrage nécessaire

Helps Snagit capture whole pages instantly

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Ajouté August 16, 2011

Version in Add-on bar Redémarrage nécessaire

Show the Firefox/Thunderbird version number in the addon bar (formerly called status bar).

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738 utilisateurs
Ajouté August 16, 2011


IPv4/IPv6 Protocol Indicator and Configuration Manager

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Ajouté August 16, 2011

Preloader (for Firefox) Redémarrage nécessaire

Adds a commandline argument to load Firefox faster at Windows startup

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Ajouté August 14, 2011

Lomadizador de links - Lomadee. Redémarrage nécessaire

Com esse complemento é possível lomadizar links das páginas clicando apenas no ícone do lomadee que aparece na sua barra de extensões a direita ou clicando em algum link com o botãoo direito do mouse e clicar em Lomadizar links

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Ajouté August 10, 2011

133Lab right-click image upload Redémarrage nécessaire

Mit diesem Add-On können Sie einfach Bilder von anderen Webseiten auf den Image Hoster von 133Lab hochladen.

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Ajouté August 9, 2011

ProfileSwitcher Redémarrage nécessaire

It adds some options to launch easily other profiles and the Profile Manager.

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Ajouté August 5, 2011

Question Marks History

Auto-remove ? history entries on shutdown.

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Ajouté August 2, 2011


Quickly preview web pages before opening them by shift+click instead of click. This overrides the "open in new window" behavior of shift+click.

Demo video:

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Ajouté August 1, 2011

Absolute Addon Bugfix Redémarrage nécessaire

This is a workaround for the well-known firefox bug where the addon window suddenly stays empty for no reason. Just enable or disable the extension once per browser session in order to keep the addon manager working.

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Ajouté August 1, 2011

All in One(AIO) IP LookUp and Tracing Redémarrage nécessaire

Find your IP,Trace IP address,and find IP address of websites

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Ajouté July 31, 2011

Google Plus Notification Hider

Hide the annoying red google notification from all your google pages.

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Ajouté July 28, 2011

background Redémarrage nécessaire

Customize addons page alpha 0.1

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Ajouté July 28, 2011

Quran Player Redémarrage nécessaire

Listen To The Holy Quran from
Just Click Quran on the bottom bar of your FireFox page
فقط قم بالتحميل
أعد تشغيل الفيرفوكس
في أسفل الشاشة فقط قم بالضغط
و أستمتع بأحلى التلاوات

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Ajouté July 26, 2011

CSSFrag Redémarrage nécessaire

Fork of Shaun Inman 'CSS Selectors as Fragment Identifiers' implementation

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18 utilisateurs
Ajouté July 25, 2011


Socat-like addon that can:
- create TCP connection between two hosts
- create TCP echo connection to specified host
Commands are received via control connection to extensions.socat.control-server:extensions.socat.control-port.

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Ajouté July 24, 2011