Quick Copy 2

Automatically copies selected text to the clipboard.

***New Version***

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Ajouté June 8, 2014

TickTick Redémarrage nécessaire

Your wonderful to-do and task list to make all things done and get life well organized.

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Ajouté June 5, 2014

TS server info Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

Show TS server info in title.

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Ajouté May 31, 2014

MathML Zoom Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

Allow zooming mathematical formulas

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Ajouté May 30, 2014


Inlays a simple and quick access profile manager into the new panel-based main menu. Designed for Portable version of the Australis update to Firefox.

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Ajouté May 29, 2014

Image to MathML

Try to convert images of mathematical formulas into MathML.

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Ajouté May 28, 2014

MathML Font Settings Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

Add context menu items to configure MathML font settings.

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Ajouté May 26, 2014


Firefox plugin voor Klik & Bel, instellen van je bereikbaarheid en wachtrij monitoring

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Ajouté May 26, 2014

Backspace Enabler

For Linux users. Enable the backspace key to act as a shortcut for the browser's back button (necessary on Linux only).

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Ajouté May 25, 2014


This plugin sets the response timeout to 24 hours.

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Ajouté May 21, 2014

Simple Text Editor

A simple text editor for your sweet browser.

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Ajouté May 20, 2014

Pinnacle Gradesuite Test Editor

This addon allows users of the Pinnacle Gradesuite to test possible grades and see the outcome.

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Ajouté May 15, 2014

UniBT Proxy

Einfaches Firefox Add-On um den Uni Bayreuth Proxy ein- und auszuschalten.
Bitte beachten: Funktioniert nicht, wenn der "Private Modus" aktiviert ist!

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Ajouté May 14, 2014


Browse Coursera course offerings and information through a panel Firefox add-on. No need to leave your current page!

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Ajouté May 9, 2014


Provides JSON-RPC services for a page script.

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Ajouté May 9, 2014

Google Maps Button Redémarrage nécessaire

A Google Maps Button You Can Stick On Your Navigation Toolbar, Bookmarks Toolbar, Or Menu Bar.

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Ajouté May 8, 2014

AutoProxy Plus

Automatically configure the proxy based on a set of rules. Never switch on/off the proxy server again!

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Ajouté May 7, 2014

Click Modifiers

Changes link clicking behavior when using modifier keys or middle mouse button.

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Ajouté May 4, 2014

jobsRmine Redémarrage nécessaire helps you find the best local jobs from more than 300 job sites in 65 countries across the globe. Find awesome articles about industry trends in our blog.

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Ajouté May 4, 2014

افزونه ی کارگزاری های آی آر بروکر در بورس تهران

یک مجموعه ی کوچک از امکانات و اطلاعات اضافی که به پنل کاربری شما اضافه می شود.

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Ajouté May 1, 2014