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Kyrgyz Key

Allows to type Kyrgyz alphabets like Ө,Ң and Ү in any text fields of Firefox Browser, Web Pages and Thunderbird. Converts Latin words into Cyrillic words instantly. Makes EnglishRussian translations.

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Ajouté August 22, 2007

WordReference Translator

Open a tab with WordReference's translation for the selected word. Through a floating link, or by pressing "D" key.

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Ajouté August 16, 2007


Fireinput is Chinese IME that supports Chinese pinyin, shuangping input methods in both simplified and traditional Chinese mode. It also can convert traditional Chinese to simplified Chinese or vice versa.

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Ajouté July 28, 2007


A Firefox extension to enable FireFox switching Input Method intelligently

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Ajouté July 28, 2007

우리말 도우미

웹 브라우저 문서 입력창이나 본문 중 선택된 내용을 맞춤법 검사기에 오른쪽 버튼만 눌러서 바로 보낼 수 있습니다.

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Ajouté July 22, 2007

İdíl-Ural Tatarça Tíl Distesí [Qazan Tatar LP]

Firefox'nı İdíl-Ural Tatarçalaştırır.

Büten sörömner (meselen, küzden kiçírílüwín kötkenner) monda:

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Ajouté July 7, 2007


This includes 3 features about the find toolbar. First, the dictionary-assisted find. Second, more customizable Find Toolbar. Third, the highlight feature like Safari 3.

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Ajouté June 29, 2007

Unicode Input Tool/Converter

Unicode lookup and chart view to find international characters or symbols; converts among HTML/XML entities, numeric character references (hex and dec), CSS/JavaScript/PHP6 escape sequences, and Unicode; allows saving of snippets to paste

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Ajouté June 29, 2007

To / From Amharic

Translates the selection to / from Amharic / English using the free online Amharic dictionary http://www.amharicdictionary.com

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Ajouté June 15, 2007

Esperanto Toolbar

Esperantistaj butonoj kaj serĉo.

Search and buttons for Esperanto.

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Ajouté June 4, 2007


Georgian-English and English-Georgian online dictionary.

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Ajouté May 12, 2007


A minimalism English-English Dictionary. Move your mouse pointer over a word and hold CTRL key for a second to see its definition. Possibly, KitaDic is the least obtrusive dictionary extension ever made.

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Ajouté April 13, 2007


Open-Tran est une extension poids-plume très simple. Elle vous permet d'accéder facilement aux suggestions de traduction de l'énorme base de données du site que vous pouvez trouver là :http://fr.open-tran.eu/index.html.(Merci à Jacek Śliwerski qui a ...

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Ajouté April 2, 2007

Translation Panel

Add Web Translation Features.

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Ajouté March 23, 2007



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Ajouté March 22, 2007


Gb2Big is a handy translator between simplified and traditional Chinese.
Use CN Flag for Simplified Chinese
Use HK Flag for Traditional Chinese
Use UN Flag for Online Proxy Service

To activate this add-on:
1. Right click on the toolbar
2. Select "Cu...

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Ajouté February 22, 2007

Qwara Toolbar

Qwara - Free Online Translator & Dictionary

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Ajouté February 4, 2007


Parolu enables Firefox to do speech synthesis of web pages written in Esperanto, useful for the blind (mainmenu.parolu) and for language learners (contextmenu.parolu). You'll need to install MBROLA on your machine first.

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Ajouté January 31, 2007

Logos Toolbar

The essential linguistic tools by Logos are to hand with a single click: multilingual dictionary, library, conjugator and quotes...

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Ajouté January 12, 2007

vnDict - Vietnamese Dictionaries

Vietnamese dictionaries extension for firefox. ...

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Ajouté January 5, 2007