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Adds text you select in a webpage to your URL. Your URL can be many dictionary websites you choose. For example to look up definitions of words in another language. Will open definition in a new tab. See description below.

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Ajouté April 24, 2013


Translate webpages into your own language at Google

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Ajouté April 24, 2013

Xdebug Error Toggler

Toggle Xdebug's error messages in your PHP output.

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Ajouté April 19, 2013

Udarenie Redémarrage nécessaire

Shows grammatical stress in Russian words; correct stress is one of the most difficult parts of Russian language.

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Ajouté April 17, 2013

SSSearch Redémarrage nécessaire

International on-screen keyboard to type and search internet in Sindhi language

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Ajouté April 9, 2013


QGTranslate is very helpful if you want to translate shorts texts from the websites or even the full webpage within 1-2 clicks without opening a new tab and without leaving the trust area of Google Translate.

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Ajouté April 5, 2013

MyanmarFontTagger Redémarrage nécessaire

Tag the right font for encoding by detecting between Zawgyi and Unicode

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Ajouté April 5, 2013

Replace Translator

Rewrite the selection in translation. Replace or Insert can translate into foreign languages using. More than 36 different languages to be used immediately with no configuration.

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Ajouté March 29, 2013

QuickSyn Redémarrage nécessaire

Ever tired of searching Google for finding out the synonym of a word...Try out this add-on, it saves you the time as you can view the synonym of the word by just selecting and right clicking on it ! Moreover this addon does not rely on the internet !

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Ajouté March 28, 2013

Vocabla - translate English words

Translate English words using double-click.

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Ajouté March 26, 2013

Roman Numeral Converter

Convert Arabic numbers to Roman Numeral and vice versa!

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Ajouté March 24, 2013

Wordreference Translate In Page

Open a layer into web page and translate the selected word with wordreference.

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Ajouté March 23, 2013

Słownik Internetowy Redémarrage nécessaire

Słownik internetowy - prosto i szybko sprawdzaj słowa na stronach internetowych jednym kliknięciem bez opuszczania strony!
Dostępne słowniki:
- języka angielskiego
- języka niemieckiego
- języka polskiego
- języka łacińskiego
- synonimów

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Ajouté March 21, 2013

Paint dirt black Redémarrage nécessaire

Removes offensive language throughout the web, making the WWW a better place.

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Ajouté March 20, 2013

No Small Text

Set a minimum text size for all web content. Use the toolbar button to switch it on and off. NEW: Three preset sizes. NEW: Use mouse scroll on the toolbar button.

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Ajouté March 19, 2013

汉典 (www.zdic.net) Redémarrage nécessaire


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Ajouté March 19, 2013

ArvindLexiconBar Redémarrage nécessaire

A Firefox toolbar with Arvind Lexicon Search facility!

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Ajouté March 11, 2013

Bdword English to Bengali Dictionary Redémarrage nécessaire

Find English to Bengali Meaning by clicking twice on any word.

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Ajouté March 10, 2013

Romanian Dictionary (RO) Redémarrage nécessaire

Selectează cuvântul, click dreapta ca să deschizi meniul si apasă pe "Caută 'cuvântul selectat' in DexOnline.ro" pentru a găsi definiția cuvântului.

Notă: această operațiune va deschide o pagină nouă pe site-ul www.dexonline.ro

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Ajouté March 4, 2013

Ser or Estar - That is the question

Highlights every form of the Spanish verbs "ser" or "estar" in any webpage and lets you see its conjugation.

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Ajouté February 28, 2013