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WOT Play Replay Redémarrage nécessaire

Данное приложение расширяет возможности сайта

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God Emperor

Replaces all instances of 'Donald Trump' with 'The God Emperor of Mankind'.

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Card Games

One can play following Card Games using this Add On
Accordion Solitaire
Aces and Kings Solitaire
Alternation Solitaire
Baker's Dozen Solitaire
Braid Solitaire
Freecell Solitaire
Gin Rummy
Grounds for a Divorce Solitaire
Gypsy Solitaire

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i'm bored

A button which will take you to random interactive website

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Steam Inventory Prices

Simple price provider for Steam inventories

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Star Citizen Dev Tracker

Enables you to quickly view the latest forum posts by Cloud Imperium Games employees for Star Citizen.

Interested in Star Citizen? Enlist today and get 5,000 free credits!

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Dirt Farmer's Click Trap Remover

Makes Facebook game dialog's right clickable - Browser Extension maintained by the Dirt Farmer team

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Directly calculate pp for a beatmap in your browser.

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Board Game Geek Classic Theme Extension

Classic theme for Board Game Geek

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Abios eSports Match Ticker

The number one match ticker in eSports!

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Podcast Player Prime

An easy-to-use and lite podcast player.

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WebVR Plus

Manages browser preferences for optimal WebVR support, avoiding the need to make about:config changes.

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Soundscape Redémarrage nécessaire

Listen to the epic sounds of nature while browsing.

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Lab Ray Logger by Jellyneo

Use Jellyneo's Lab Ray Logger to automatically keep a record of all your daily Neopets Lab Ray zaps.

Copyright 2000-2013 NeoPets, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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Oneindia News

Latest News, Lifestyle Updates, Filmi Gossips, Gadget News, Auto News

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Auto Replay For Youtube

Auto replay Youtube videos to maximize your enjoyment

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AboutTheArtists on IMDb

Places links to artist profiles on cast lists

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Intruder Notifications

Check for online Intruder players!

Get notifications and information about Intruder and its servers. Badge icon also lets you know how many players are in-game at a glance.

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Anime New Tab New Tab

Your favorite Japanese Anime comics and TV shows rotating on every new tab! Includes Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and more!

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Dota Tooltips

Popup text for Dota 2 related keywords.

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