Jeux et divertissements


President Toilet

Swaps all instances of the 45th president’s name for some porcelain. Thanks, Cher, for the inspiration.

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Ajouté April 21, 2017

Shytoos Live Extension

Ne rate aucun live de mes lives avec cette extension !

Cette extension ajoute une icône en haut à droite de ton navigateur qui devient verte lorsque je suis en live, et elle t'enverra aussi une notification.

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Ajouté April 17, 2017


Test your memory skills with this classic '70s memory game!

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21 utilisateurs
Ajouté April 13, 2017

Liquipedia Dark Skin

A dark theme for Liquipedia

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37 utilisateurs
Ajouté April 11, 2017

Instant Gaming

Browse the web for your favorite games and always know if they are available at !

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29 utilisateurs
Ajouté April 10, 2017

LiViNo Reader Redémarrage nécessaire

Linux Visual Novel Reader Extension.

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33 utilisateurs
Ajouté April 10, 2017

An newsic senden

Sendet YouTube-Playlisten direkt an newsic.

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Ajouté April 9, 2017


Ne ratez plus aucun live avec cette extension ! Recevez une alerte dès que le live se lance !

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Ajouté April 8, 2017

Search Youtube-Right Click Menu

Select text on any page, right click and Search by Youtube.

+Add-on icon opens

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Ajouté April 6, 2017


The low-energy so-called "journalists" can't even get the Prime Minister of Australia's name right. Sad! No longer will you have to put up with these phonies and their terrible spelling.

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Ajouté April 6, 2017


Adds a dirty looking Red 50 pixels wide dashed border in all web pages of
Caution: works only in "" pages not all google pages

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8 utilisateurs
Ajouté April 4, 2017

YouTube to Mp3 Converter fuzna

This addon places a fuzna button below youtube videos which triggers a mp3 conversion of the current video when clicked. It's simple and extremely fast!

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Ajouté April 3, 2017

YouTube Subscriptions Filter

A simple, instant search filter for your YouTube subscriptions page.

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Ajouté March 30, 2017


This gives you a damage report.

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Ajouté March 25, 2017


Afficher les heures de prieres.

AR: يوفر هذا البرنامج لمحة سريعة لأوقات الصلاة لليوم

EN: This plugin provides a quick overview of the daily prayer times.

Fr: Ce plugin permet d'avoir un aperçu rapide sur les heures de prières de la journée.

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Ajouté March 25, 2017

Player Extractor

Mozilla Firefox extension to extract video player to external popup window.

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Ajouté March 23, 2017

Campagne honnête 2017

L'actualité politique vous déprime ? Vous n'en pouvez plus des campagnes électorales ? Rendez les internets plus rigolos avec cette extension !

C'est petit, méchant et gratuit.

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Ajouté March 19, 2017

Fangraphs Search

Search for players on Fangraphs quickly and easily. Auto-completes player names and takes you straight to player pages on Fangraphs.

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Ajouté March 19, 2017

Selection Disabler

Disable Selection on websites

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Ajouté March 15, 2017


The extension is absolutely free and makes the access to the Wyrmspel website easier and quicker.

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Ajouté March 14, 2017