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This add-on helps add news, pages, other links to your own RSS feed, later you can read it by any RSS reader.

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Ajouté January 26, 2011


Прогноз погоды на 24 часа от ведущего погодного сервиса Gismeteo.

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Ajouté January 26, 2011

Seduction Toolbar

Die Seduction Toolbar der Verführerszene.

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Ajouté January 25, 2011

Farming Machine

Farming Machine - Travian Add on

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Ajouté January 21, 2011

Новините от Investor.bg

Новини, анализи и интервюта от света на финансите, икономиката и бизнеса

Приложението на Investor.bg Ви позволява непрекъснат поглед върху случващото се на финансовите пазари, в икономиката и в света на бизнеса.

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Ajouté January 20, 2011


Newshub addon makes it easy to share news to newshub.se and you get the latest news in the toolbar.

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Ajouté January 18, 2011

Hard blockers counter Pas de redémarrage

The addon displays the number of unresolved hard blockers that block Firefox 4 RC.

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Ajouté January 17, 2011


Ajoute les notes sur DTC, comme dans le bon vieux temps

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Ajouté January 15, 2011

Мозила Србија

Званична екстензија Мозила Србије

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Ajouté January 14, 2011

Bob Marley OFFICIAL Interactive Theme Pas de redémarrage

Created by http://BrandThunder.com where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. This is the only official browser theme built especially for fans of Bob Marley, his music and his message.

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Ajouté January 12, 2011

Quorafox | Quora for Firefox

Use Quora from Firefox

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Ajouté January 5, 2011

SpaceGhetto / Imagehut / Picrandom Picture Rehost

Rehost images to SpaceGhetto or Imagehut on right click.

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Ajouté January 4, 2011


The Embedly extension creates a rich experience while browsing Twitter.

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Ajouté January 3, 2011


If you’d like to enslave it, it will help your posts not be deleted by the moderator or post anything as you like. You can choose to register or to be anonymous, when you post anything about the websites you viewed.

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Ajouté December 26, 2010


Quickly browse blog post headlines by jumping to the next title with a keypress. Ctrl + Arrow Up/Down to use.

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Ajouté December 23, 2010

drag2up Pas de redémarrage

Drag files to text boxes on any site to upload and share.

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Ajouté December 19, 2010


Сервис перепостов для ЖЖ

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Ajouté December 17, 2010

The Official USA Add-on for Firefox

Stay connected to the ‘home of the brave’ and download our new browser application. This is an add-on to your existing browser, meaning you can surf the web in a familiar environment while showing your patriotic side all the time you’re online.

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Ajouté December 7, 2010


Extension for Georgian web-site Forum.ge

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Ajouté December 6, 2010

FM Scene

FM Scene est le première modification pour le navigateur Mozilla Firefox qui est logiciel libre. Avec lui vous peuvez visiter tous des pages qui parlent du LFP MANAGER.

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Ajouté December 3, 2010