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iTGrunts Redémarrage nécessaire

A very flexible widget to keep you updated with 100% pure tech news, not from concentrate! iTGrunts provides you with the latest technology news, rumors , gadgets, gaming news and science.

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Ajouté March 14, 2012

Match the News Redémarrage nécessaire

MatchtheNews offers to you the latest news relevant to the web page you are currently browsing capturing your recent interests in a friendly interface.
We respect you privacy! All your personal data are stored locally and used ONLY in your favor.

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Ajouté March 12, 2012

Free PDF to Word Converter Redémarrage nécessaire

Nothing is easier than to convert PDF to Word document with the Free PDF to Word Converter. Three ways to convert PDF to Word file effortlessly.

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Ajouté March 12, 2012

AFP News Receiver Redémarrage nécessaire

Recevez les actualités (dépêches) de l'AFP directement dans votre navigateur. En un clic, consultez la news qui vous intéresse sur le site de l'AFP...

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Ajouté March 9, 2012

OZ Bargain Hunter Redémarrage nécessaire

Get instant updates on the latest deals, coupons, vouchers and freebies from ozbargain.com.au brought to you by vibesdesign.com.au

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Ajouté March 5, 2012

Kaldata.com Redémarrage nécessaire

Приставката дава възможност за следене на новините в Kaldata.com, както и за избор на конкретни секции от сайта и възможност за търсене в архива на Kaldata.com.

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Ajouté March 1, 2012

WordPress.com Extension Redémarrage nécessaire

Install this extension to instantly view your WordPress.com notifications, follow sites, and start new blog posts quickly and easily from your browser toolbar.

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Ajouté February 29, 2012

Pogoda Siedlce ;) Redémarrage nécessaire

Umożliwia wyświetlenie aktualnej temperatury dla miasta Siedlce.

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Ajouté February 29, 2012

ExportToCSV Redémarrage nécessaire

An simple extension for exporting HTML table data as CSV file. You can right click on any table in a webpage and select the "Export data as CSV" menu to export the data.

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Ajouté February 27, 2012


Allows users to share images, links, the page URL or a selection on their Friendica account easily.

Note: Rich-text editor in Friendica needs to be enabled.

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Ajouté February 23, 2012

X-notifier lite (for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo)

Notifier for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail.

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Ajouté February 22, 2012

pkrss Redémarrage nécessaire

pkrss is one rss tools, it embed http://www.pk17s.cn
contact with google rss feed,join in multi lanauage support,if default panel has no feed,your can search some feed by keyword in topbar.

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Ajouté February 19, 2012

Skyrock by RaouF Redémarrage nécessaire

Blogs, profils, rencontres, groupes,photos,.. Avec Skyrock.

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Ajouté February 18, 2012

Show Anchors 2 Redémarrage nécessaire

Allows one to view and copy the anchors on a web page. The addon is an updated version of "Show Anchors" by PCDingo which is no longer maintained. Please uninstall "Show Anchors" first.

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Ajouté February 16, 2012

Textme Redémarrage nécessaire

SMS text, images, jokes, articles, videos for free to any mobile in India

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Ajouté February 15, 2012

Girls' Generation SNSD Interactive Theme

Welcome Girls' Generation Fans! This is a browser theme built especially for S♡NE. With this theme, you'll enjoy a theme featuring all 9 band members, links to band's US and International sites, and easy access to the band on Facebook and Twitter.

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Ajouté February 14, 2012

Updated Ad Blocker for Firefox 11+ Redémarrage nécessaire

It blocks ads on the web pages you visit including Youtube, Hulu, TwitchTV/JustinTV, most Major News Sites(cnn/fox/nbc/msnbc) and many more. Ads from services like Google AdSense Yahoo DoubleClick It also blocks the GoogleAnalytics tracking script.

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Ajouté February 13, 2012

RLU.Ru Short URL Generator Redémarrage nécessaire

An extension to generate a short URL using RLU.Ru in the background of any webpage.

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Ajouté February 12, 2012


Pour les fans de genesis... La paire avec ToPress !

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Ajouté February 8, 2012

UK TV Guide and Search Redémarrage nécessaire

A comprehensive, and up to date, Guide and Search for hundreds of UK TV channels based on data from radiotimes.com

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Ajouté February 5, 2012