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Google Link Preview

Add Link in resualt page, you can preview the site page by the link. not neet open site page.

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Allows you to take any link & fetch its data, either by directly downloading it, backing it up or transferring it to a third party.

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Nodobe Viewer

Free your computer from bloatware with the Nodobe Viewer. Just say Nodobe!

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Pobieraj bez limitów z serwisem

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TiX Now!

Ti's eXtension v1.0...

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Right click a link to a file to upload that file to to be viewable on the web.

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Dead Link Checker -

Checks Free File Hosts for Link Status with right-click menu.

Works with selected (highlighted) text & clickable links.

Rapidshare, 4shared, Zippyshare, Zshare, LetitBit, Badongo, Filefront, Speedyshare, Uploading, BigUpload, YouSendIt & many more!

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M3U Ripper

This extension allows you to rip the contents of an m3u, wmx, or ram playlist file link by right clicking on the link and selecting the "Rip Playlist Contents..." option from the popup menu.

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Using the the general notification system "Snarl" ( extra download needed) you can be notified of started, paused, cancelled and finished downloads in a very nice way.

It also "captures" all default toaster notifications (li...

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Upload images from every site directly to, view EXIF and IPTC data and share them.
No registration needed

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Slogger creates a complete log of your browsing history. It can save every page using the same options as the "Save Page As" command as well as saving a customizable plain text history...

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Ivy Video Converter Extension

Ivy Video Converter Extension allows you to add videos to Ivy’s download list from within Firefox. This means you can convert any video you are currently watching for your iPod or other portable device easily. The extension allows you to...

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Tracks downloads and warns you if already downloaded at sometime somewhere

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Video Sniffer

Sniff and collect URLs to video files for later download

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44 utilisateurs YouTube2MP3 Converter

Adds an option to convert, Videos online to MP3, MP4 and more

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Pops video elements as resizable windows4.

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automatically get a download link from MegaUpload

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YouTube2Video2MP3 Pas de redémarrage

Youtube MP3 download through Video2MP3

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Link extractor

Extract links from a URL or text and open extracted links in new tab or window.

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OpenDrive is a service providing cloud storage to view, share, and collaborate on your documents from anywhere.

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