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Autotrans Reloaded Redémarrage nécessaire

Context menu item which will send the selected torrent link to your Transmission RPC. Modified to work with Firefox 12.

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AtmosFox Redémarrage nécessaire

AtmosFox helps you organize/manage/store your files on EMC Atmos online storage. It is easy to install and use as it is integrated into the browser.

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Reliance Netconnet+ Data Usage Redémarrage nécessaire

Fetch and Display Reliance NetConnect+ Data Usage.
Added New feature so that user can specify billing date.

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Music detector

Audio detection and download tool

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Youtube Video Downloader (Multiformat)

Free download Youtube videos in Multiformat by

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ScrapBook CHM Creator Redémarrage nécessaire

An add-on for the Scrapbook/Scrapbook+ extensions to create Windows HTML Help.

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2 164 utilisateurs Music Downloader

Music downloader for (new design)
A accound is required.
Based on:

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Play All Redémarrage nécessaire

Read with one click all the linked multimedia files of the current page into your favourite player...

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FbxRev Downloader Redémarrage nécessaire

Téléchargez directement depuis la Freebox.

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SaveAS Redémarrage nécessaire

Save AS anything with a click of a button. It is handy for web image collection addicts.

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Youtube to MP3 Converter - Redémarrage nécessaire

A simple, fast and free online Youtube to MP3 conversion tool which allows you to download your favorite youtube videos.

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TweakTube - YouTube Enhancer / Video Downloader Redémarrage nécessaire

The Ultimate YouTube Enhancer! Instantly add many tweaks to YouTube including: Download Videos, Convert Videos to Mp3, Automatically Watch in HD, Change YouTube Style, Watch Multiple Videos, Loop Videos, and much more. A must have for YouTube users.

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Bandwidth Meter and Diagnostics Redémarrage nécessaire

This extension includes a set of tools for broadband users. It can measure the bandwidth of Internet connections and perform diagnostic tests (ping, traceroute etc)

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Youtube to mp3 converter - Redémarrage nécessaire

Adds a download button to the firefox toolbar, the button enables when youtube video's are being watched. By clicking on it you can download the video as a high quality mp3 file, totally free!

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Fox Locks Redémarrage nécessaire

Блокировка браузера паролем.

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External Application Button (WebExtension) Compatible avec Firefox 57 et versions supérieures

A highly customizable external application button and context-menu items

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Upload to Firedrive

Easily download files from the internet straight into your Firedrive account.

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Mega Button

This Extension allows you to open the Mega Cloud Service with just one click!

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dlTracker Redémarrage nécessaire

Tracks downloads and warns you if already downloaded at sometime somewhere

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Premium downloader for Alldebrid Redémarrage nécessaire

Makes easier to download files from hoster services using Alldebrid multi-host provider.

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