Pregnancy Ticker

Pregnancy Ticker zeigt die aktuelle Schwangerschaftswoche und Tag in der Add-on Leiste an.

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Mon compte

Accéder directement à vos comptes en ligne depuis votre page d'accueil avec ce module complémentaire pour Mozilla Firefox.

Cliquez sur le bouton "Ajouter à Firefox" pour l'installer.

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Mozilla Labs: Prospector - Site Suggest Pas de redémarrage

Suggest sites in the corner of new tabs based on your interests.

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courseratrops Pas de redémarrage

Zoom for subtitles for Coursera

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Sie sind beim Surfen auf eine Barriere gestoßen?
Melden Sie Barrieren bei der Meldestelle für digitale Barrieren.

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Smokin Joes TT v1

Firefox add-on that changes the layout for, Smokin Joes TT pages!

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Controles avanzados para la web

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Rgraphics - Image Uploader

Uploader dla hostingu zdjęć by ramf95.

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Ein Sitemap-Menü für

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HT Helper Pas de redémarrage

Add 'open all posts' links for HT Israel sites

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Red Google Theme

Colorful style for Google. Now also available in black, grey and blue!

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Blue Google Theme

Colorful style for Google. Now also available in black, grey and red!

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MozCamp NewTab Pas de redémarrage

Decorate NewTab's Background using Mozilla's MozCamp Event Photos tagged at Flickr.

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No LDS Footnote Letters

Removes only the superscript letters of the footnotes but leaves the links in the scriptures at

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transform mpg units to liter per 100km for site

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Points Can Not Motivate Me

Come on, we are Eng Sci students! Do we really need points to motivate us to do well? I think the point system is the greatest example of a cognitive anchor so far. Enjoy (and pass on) this little gift from your fellow classmate if you agree.

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Pure View

This addon will remove advertisement on

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This add on support user to read without any advertisement.

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