Dark Black Twitter Theme Redémarrage nécessaire

Its a Dark Black twitter theme which will completely change appearance of your twitter.

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Compress Bookmarks Bar Redémarrage nécessaire

Removes flexible spaces from the new Bookmarks Bar, saving space and bringing everything closer together.

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Wrike Modifications

This add-on currently removes the user images from the dashboard views, freeing up real estate for titles, folder tags and descriptions.

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Memory Optimizer

An add-on to Optimize Memory easily and perform Free memory operations without visiting about:memory. The best Memory Optimizer!

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This is a Firefox Addon/Plugin that enhances the TOC(Table of Content) on
It moves the TOC to the left hand side panel, and highlights the current section that you are reading.

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Coral Reef New Tab

Explore beautiful coral reefs right from your new tab every day!

*A high-res new tab experience
*Simple, highly visual layout, removing tiles from view
*Direct, convenient web search and features from a New Tab page

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Is it time to stop? Press this button for great advice!

ripped from here:

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Hide Toolbars

Hide toolbars for a full content experience.

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Toggle Tabs Timer Redémarrage nécessaire

Toggles open tabs automatically.

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Turn on or off browser support for HTML5

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Stop loading images and other media by default like imglikeopera

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HoFF- [Hide Offline Facebook Friends]

Hides the Offline Friends From Facebook Chat Window

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#wrap Redémarrage nécessaire

Allows Tumblr tags to wrap around without having to use the awful drag-scrolling interface.

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TweetDeck Enhancer

The world's most loved twitter client.

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Lubemonkey Redémarrage nécessaire

(A Graesemonkey fork)
Next Generation script manager for Firefox with SQlite Database storage.
As greasemonkey you can customize the way a web page displays but you can do it having lots of fast storage and the power of SQL.

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Tidy Meebo Redémarrage nécessaire

Removes status bar and all toolbars from Meebo...

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Paint It Black!

This add-on will force text color to black, when appropriate.

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L-Square Responsive Design Inspector Redémarrage nécessaire

Browser pixel rulers to help inspect window widths of adaptive designs. The add-on button acts as a toggle that adds rulers similar to a graphics app to measure the current window resolution.

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火狐界面定制助手(菜单栏置顶) Redémarrage nécessaire

本扩展恢复显示了“标签页置顶”(新版 Firefox 默认隐藏了该功能),


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Canvas - Make your own Firefox theme

Created by where you can Build Your Own Browser Theme. Canvas - Add any photo from your PC, or any image from the web, to your browser. It's an easy way to create a personalized browser.

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