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Ajouté February 10, 2009


Converts telephone numbers into clickable links for use with CTI applications, SIP clients, Skype, Netmeeting, snom phones, the AGFEO TK-Suite Client and SerVonic IXI-PCS.

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Ajouté February 8, 2009 - SwapShopper

The toolbar is an add-on for your web browser that instantly notifies you as you are browsing other sites if you can get the book, CD, movie or video game that you are looking at for free on

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Ajouté February 5, 2009

Itasa Notifier

Ricevi gli aggiornamenti sui sottotitoli delle tue serie TV preferite!

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Ajouté January 10, 2009

BINSniper for eBay

BINSniper monitors eBay for new Fixed Price or BuyItNow items matching your searches. It's a sort of reverse sniper. Instead of waiting to snipe a BIN auction with a sniping tool, you can buy underpriced and rare items up front. Great for resellers.

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Ajouté January 1, 2009

Wurzelimperium Gieß-O-Mat

Automatisiert die Gießarbeit bei Wurzelimperium

- Lokalisierung nur deutsch, da Webseite rein deutsch
- Funktioniert nur mit Einfeld-Pflanzen
- Server ggf. anzupassen

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Ajouté December 26, 2008

Mother's Day - part of the Holiday 2009 Boom!

This Brand Thunder "Boom" brings 2009 Holidays to your browser... now featuring Mother's Day! Also includes the popular extension, Surf Canyon which enhances your search results.

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Ajouté December 25, 2008


Monitors your Tiles@Home Account

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Ajouté December 17, 2008

Optimisez votre navigation (FastestFox) En vedette

Naviguer plus rapidement en optimisant des tâches habituelles. FastestFox vous aide dans la recherche d'informations, la navigation sur Wikipédia, la visite de vos sites favoris, le copier & coller et d'autres tâches.

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Ajouté December 1, 2008



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Ajouté November 29, 2008



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Ajouté November 26, 2008

Simple Timer

Таймер, секундомір та годинник знаходяться на панелі інструментів.

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Ajouté November 19, 2008

StackOverflow Bar

A Toolbar to aid the users of the, very addictive, Q&A site.

I've been neglecting this tool. I've just turned on the Contribs, not to make any money, but to allow you the user to kick me to attention, one money unit at a time.

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Ajouté November 7, 2008

GoogAzon - Product and Web Search, Combined

Adds a quick set of Amazon and eBay search results to your Google, Yahoo or MSN Live results page.

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Ajouté October 31, 2008

Fantasy Football Rankings and News

Weekly rankings and NFL news for fantasy football directly from

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Ajouté October 23, 2008

Twitter ToolBar

Post Tweets using this easy to use Twitter Toolbar. This toolbar is a must if you like to tweet the same message more than once on Twitter. Menu offers links to important Twitter pages, replies to you, and its search page.

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Ajouté October 19, 2008

Comic Aggregator Notifier

A navigation toolbar notifier for

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Ajouté October 7, 2008


iDailyText ist eine Mozilla Firefox Extension die für jeden Tag einen Bibeltext anzeigt. Der perfekte Start in den Tag. Read the Bible everyday.

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Ajouté September 23, 2008


Displays the current SSL/TLS cipher, protocol and certificate chain in the Add-on bar and Site ID dialog

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Ajouté September 17, 2008

Currency Watch

Looks up real-time currency conversion rates from Yahoo Finance and displays them in a neat status bar pane. Supports more than 100 currencies and the list keeps growing.

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Ajouté September 17, 2008