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Kostenloser Plug-In zur Optimierung von Hotelbuchungen.

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Ajouté September 8, 2009

Amazing eBay Highlight Search

Allows one to highlight and then search eBay through the context menu.

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Ajouté September 6, 2009

ScoobyDeal Tracker

Track deals on deal-a-day-site; get notified when new deals are posted; and get to the site with a single click.

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Ajouté September 5, 2009


A Firefox extension that simplifies your work regarding the generation of short URLs.

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Ajouté September 2, 2009

Moly-figyelő Pas de redémarrage

A figyeli, van-e friss elemed, állapotsorban ikonnal és számmal jelzi ezt

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Ajouté August 30, 2009

ABV Notifier

Official notifier.

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Ajouté August 26, 2009 Addon

Diese Extension informiert Sie, wenn Sie eine Webseite betreten zu der es eine Bonusaktion auf gibt. So entgeht Ihnen kein Verdienst mehr.

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Ajouté August 24, 2009

GasBuddy Toolbar

GasBuddy toolbar extension displays lowest gas prices in your location based on data from

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Ajouté August 21, 2009

WindowShopper - Discover Visually

Use visual search to find shoes, jewelry, home decor or any other product! Click on products images in any site to also compare prices, find deals, and get coupons.

200 Million products; from U.S., CA, UK, FR, DE, AU


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Ajouté August 19, 2009

eBay Toolbar

Ebay Hot! Barre d'outils vous permet de naviguer facilement les liens les plus couramment utilisés sur Ebay.
Les sites pris en charge comprennent

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Ajouté August 12, 2009

Distill Web Monitor (formerly AlertBox)

Monitor pages and feeds for changes. Get alerts for important changes.

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Ajouté August 10, 2009


Мониторинг рейтинга на

Это расширение добавляет число Вашего рейтинга в статусную панель браузера, тем самым, обеспечивая простейшее слежение за рейтингом.

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Ajouté July 25, 2009


Zählt die Anzahl der (selektierten) Wörter in einem Textfeld und zeigt das Ergebnis während des Tippens in der Statuszeile an.

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Ajouté July 24, 2009


tagin! is a WiFi-based point-of-interest (POI) service that allows you to tag outdoor and indoor locations. tagin! adds a new button on your browser's toolbar. You can use this button or the Alt+Shift+G key combination to toggle the tagin! sidebar.

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Ajouté July 21, 2009

3FM Now Playing

Wat draait 3fm op dit moment?

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Ajouté July 18, 2009


Ihre DHL Services direkt im Browser

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Ajouté July 15, 2009


Sends selected text to Prowl

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Ajouté July 13, 2009

Hütte Nippon


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Ajouté July 12, 2009 Notifier

Get notified when it is your turn on

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Ajouté July 12, 2009

Fox Notifier

Fox Notifier check for updates in real-time and notify you when new updated contents comes from your favorite websites feeds and from your Facebook & Twitter pages.

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Ajouté July 12, 2009