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to.ly- URL shortener Redémarrage nécessaire

URL shortening via to.ly service, one of the shortest URL services available.
Shrink any long URL with a single click and use it in blogs, twitter or email.

To.ly for Firefox is based on the service to.ly and uses SEO friendly redirects

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GYRbar — SEO тулбар Redémarrage nécessaire

GYRbar — SEO тулбар, отображает пузомерки сайтов (тИЦ и PR), ускоряет доступ к SEO форуму GYRtalk.ru

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Export All Certificates Redémarrage nécessaire

Adds an option to export all root certificates.

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SEO - The Link Submitter Redémarrage nécessaire

SEO and Link Building through the power of one way link directory submission.

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Download Videos From YouTube Redémarrage nécessaire

Download Videos From YouTube is the simple way to download YouTube videos on the fly. Download YouTube videos by clicking a button underneath videos in YouTube. Save YouTube videos and songs in 1080p (HD) MP4 or FLV format.

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Kristian Warnholz.de.to-Lesezeichen Redémarrage nécessaire

Nach der Installation dieses Add-ons wird ein kleines "K" unten rechts angezeigt. Klickt man auf das "K" wird automatisch meine Homepage aufgerufen.

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Busca Wikipedia PT

Complemento para pesquisar no Wikipédia PT.
Basta selecionar a(s) palavra(s) que deseja pesquisar e com o botão direito, clicar para Pesquisar na Wikipédia.

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InterSpy.Net WebSite Information Redémarrage nécessaire

Displays an icon on Firefox's status bar, in right-click drop down menu and also on Customize Toolbar; On click it will load a report page for the currently visible website. Powered by http://interspy.net

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Https Instead Redémarrage nécessaire

make your current link a https , with a click
一键使当前 http->https

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Rangers Football Club Interactive Theme

The Rangers browser theme features breaking news in the integrated toolbar, multimedia in the sidebar and easy access to all things Rangers.

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mtkan Redémarrage nécessaire


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Memrise Handler Redémarrage nécessaire

Memrise Handler for firefox has been developed in order to simplify the learning of courses on memrise. It allows to do most of the actions possible on the site in two clicks, thus increasing the speed of the learning.

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CSS Live Reloader

CSS Live Reloader is a firefox extension to ease website CSS development. The extension reloads a page CSS whenever it changes on the server, resulting in something close to live editing of the Cascading Stylesheet.

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Kursy walut NBP

Kursy walut oparte o kursy średnie walut obcych Narodowego Banku Polskiego

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No Ads!

NO ADS on your favorite Web-sites!
Ваши любимые сайты без рекламы!

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Smart Ads Blocker

Smart Ads Blocker v1.0 for Facebook and YouTube

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Video Preview

Video Preview will bring to you amazing experience when watching video. If you want to read comments with watching video, don’t worry about it. Video Preview will helps you.

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Mixcloud Button

The unofficial Mixcloud extension.

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YouTube™ Anywhere

YouTube™ Anywhere provides access to a floating YouTube Window on any page, plus, you can drag the window to any position!

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Disable Youtube Autoplay

Disables the Youtube autoplay feature without needing to log into your Google account.

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