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Schneeflocken Animation für Allmystery

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Google AdSense Earnings Pas de redémarrage

Display your Google AdSense earnings in the toolbar

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Save to SlideBatch

Save to SlideBatch

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Pricely Pas de redémarrage

Pricely is a lightweight price comparison extension that doesn't bother you with intrusive ads or offers and promises to improve your shopping experience every time you buy something online.

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AllTube Download Pas de redémarrage

Easily download videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and other websites.

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Cisco Flip

Replace your facebook profile with your flip video

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MioBot - Price Tracking and Sales Alerts Pas de redémarrage

Add products to MioBot to monitor its price. It is really easy!
1) At first, find a nice product.
2) Add product to MioBot by clicking MioBot icon in your browser.
3) That's it! MioBot will check the website for price changes! (*)

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Media Key Support Pas de redémarrage

Add support for global media keys

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Length Conversion Pas de redémarrage

Convert from meters to feet, centimeters to inches, inches to feets. Range of common length conversions are available

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FirePrint - Web to Print Pas de redémarrage

Print quickly web pages or convert it in PDF from your Firefox browser wherever with yours printers

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NiceGif Pas de redémarrage

Download Gif from 9gag, link Vip mp3 zing ,link 320kbps Nhaccuatui VIP NCT, link mediafire (skip ad) , vozforum clean link, search this image, tìm ảnh này, download chiasenhac, "speedup ad fptplay", view image in new tab, Youtube repeate

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Wisp Wishlists Pas de redémarrage

Use the Wisp plugin to create Wishlists by Adding products from your favorite online shops. Share wishlists with your friends and family, or use the system to find gifts

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Replace tags and hashtags with interactive images - cozytags.
On any website or blog, even on the twitter and facebook.

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TripleSync Pas de redémarrage

TripleSync is a service for syncing bookmarks and opened tabs between browser and Windows Phone 7 device.

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Zukmo is a free cloud based tool, for users facing information overload, to store, access and share all their digital content from various sources (web, offline documents, multimedia streams, Facebook, Twitter etc.) in their Personal Digital Library.

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ololo.fm MP3 Downloader Pas de redémarrage

Download songs from http://ololo.fm! Click on the additional button to start your download.

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A Firefox add-on to add or remove cookies in the popular game "Cookie Clicker".

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Kalkulator wymiany walut Pas de redémarrage

Kursy walut są pobierane z kantoru internetowego Cinkciarz.pl.

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Toggle System Colors Pas de redémarrage

Use CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-C to toggle system colors on and off

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快读 Pas de redémarrage

1. 自动获取网页文章/新闻的原文;
2. 智能计算原文摘要;
3. 用户可以自定义设定摘要长度,百分比;
4. 用户可以分享摘要到新浪,腾讯微博

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