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FEBE Mod Redémarrage nécessaire

Backup your Firefox data

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Easy media download

You can download any media file (flash games, videos, images, swf, embedded and more) on the web. This add-on opens "Media" tab with a single click. Very easy to use!

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火狐界面定制助手(菜单栏置顶) Redémarrage nécessaire

本扩展恢复显示了“标签页置顶”(新版 Firefox 默认隐藏了该功能),


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Kill News Feed for Firefox

Removes your Facebook News Feed, plain and simple. Also removes "trending" section and sidebar ads.

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CallingID Link Advisor Redémarrage nécessaire

CallingID Link Advisor verifies the links you see in Firefox and Thunderbird are safe before you follow them. When the mouse is placed over any link a risk assessment and the full details of the site owner are displayed, helping you evaluate the...

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Стикеры ВКонтакте Redémarrage nécessaire

Стикер - это не просто смайл...
...это СМАЙЛ,
которым вы можете подчеркнуть вашу эмоцию!
Все стикеры бесплатны!

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Scribd Downloader Free

Download Scribd Documents from Scribd.com for FREE in PDF, DOCX, TXT format instantly and no registration required.
The most trusted Scribd Downloader service on the internet

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RescueTime Redémarrage nécessaire

Keep track of the time you spend in your browser, and get a clear picture of what you were doing all day.

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Rumola - bypass CAPTCHA

Solves those tricky authorization text filled images in web pages (CAPTCHAs) instead of you.

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TatkalNow for IRCTC

Book irctc tatkal tickets instantly and effortlessly, and beat the rush
Spending countless frustrating hours booking tickets on irctc?. We automate it the process to save you all the effort. It works beautifully. How simple is it? See for yourself!

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Snagit Autoscroll Helper Redémarrage nécessaire

Helps Snagit capture whole pages instantly

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ステータスバーに Yahoo! の天気予報を Redémarrage nécessaire

ステータスバーに Yahoo! の天気予報を表示します。

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Quidco Cashback Reminder Redémarrage nécessaire

Quidco is the UK's number 1 cashback site. Never miss out on cashback ever again with the Quidco Cashback Reminder. Our new add on, displays no toolbar which may affect the view of your browser and is now compatible at over 4,200 retailers.

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facePaste Reloaded Redémarrage nécessaire

Bugfix of the original facePaste. The original doesen't work with Firefox 36

Fell free to make a paypal donation: umpani_mozilla@gmx.de

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Weather Now Redémarrage nécessaire

You will immediately see the weather condition at you current location or any other place you add.

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Send to Google Docs Redémarrage nécessaire

View web documents in Google Docs without requiring any desktop software. It supports PDF, Microsoft Office and Open Office formats.

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T4G Blacklist Add-on Redémarrage nécessaire

Extends the profiles of Battlefield Play4Free.
Checks the status of various blacklists and displays them on the profile. Apart from this, further stats and scores are displayed.

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Website Blocker - blocage de sites Web Redémarrage nécessaire

Everyone needs this add-on!
Block websites you don't want the browser to get into.
Block by a whole domain name or a specific address.
Block until further notice or until a certain date.

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SMS Sidebar Redémarrage nécessaire

If you work in front of a computer and send a lot of SMS text messages this is for you. Finally you can send SMS from the privacy of your Mozilla application. The focus of this addon is on efficiency, ease of use and easy access to advanced SMS featu...

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AutoFill Forms (WebExtension)

Fill out web forms automatically with a single click

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