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Lets you decide if you want to autocomplete or not

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Pass2Phone For FF Requires Restart

웹에서 스마트폰으로 보내는 메시지.

사용 방법

1.안드로이드앱을 설치합니다.
2.사이트에 접속하거나 크롬 확장프로그램을 사용합니다.
3.메시지나 파일을 전송합니다.
4.자동으로 스마트폰 클립보드에 복사되었습니다.

안드로이드 앱과 크롬 및 파이어폭스용 확장프로그램은 http://pass2phone.com 의 다운로드 메뉴에서 받을 수 있습니다.

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PASS2Polyratings Requires Restart

For Cal Poly SLO students to link from PASS to Poly Ratings.

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Passbolt is an open source password manager for teams.
Find out more at https://www.passbolt.com

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A easy add on for generating and regenrating passcodes passwords

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Passera turns entered text into a strong password up to 64 characters long.

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Addon allowing to access your zx2c4 password store from Firefox
see http://www.passwordstore.org/

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passgen Requires Restart

Generate more secure passwords.

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PassIFox Requires Restart

KeePass Login Manager Storage and Integration using the KeePassHttp plugin

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Firefox integration for the Passio password manager.

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Passive Cache Requires Restart

Passive Cache uses Google's text-only cache service and Archive.org Wayback Machine to display historical versions of a specified web link. This add-on allows for the viewing of a page, or site, while avoiding active connections to the target site.

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PassiveRecon Requires Restart

PassiveRecon provides information security professionals with the ability to perform "packetless" discovery of target resources utilizing publicly available information.

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Reveal password fields like Windows 8

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Pass a link to mobile device.

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PassLok for Email

High security email encryption for Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook online. PassLok is in no way associated with those services.
Easy to use, powerful extension, which includes message hiding, forward secrecy and attachments, and runs also on Chrome.

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Easy to remember Secure Passwords! Use Files instead of passwords.

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PassSec+ Requires Restart

PassSec+ warnt den Benutzer davor Kennwörter auf unsicheren Webseiten einzugeben.

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PassWhisper add-on for Firefox

This plugin allows the Passwhisper software to interact with Firefox. This way you can automatically login in your favorite websites.

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Password Age Visualizer

You know you should be changing your passwords regularly! With this add-on, you can quickly see how long you've been using your passwords and which ones are due for a change.

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Password Analyzer

Analyzes strength of saved passwords.

Note: This add-on accesses your saved password database and analyzes your passwords locally.

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